Are You The One

Louis falls in love with a girl after meeting her on the road crying. in this story there will be broken hearts broken bones and ROMANCE!!! Will Harmony end up with No one Louis Harry Niall Zayn or Liam you will find out reading this book



Niall's P.O.V

I was shocked when Harmony said she was a directionater! Harry even started to cry a little bit "But how when why?" Zayn asked all these thoughts were going through my head and ne of those thoughts are WHERE THE HELL IS LIAM? "Well I was a directioner to start of with but and I loved Louis he picked me up in the car I wanted to freak cause I stayed with you guys then it ended up that I was going out with Louis then he kissed a girl and LIKED IT Harry tried to look good in front of me so I kissed him to make Louis jealous but I actually feel in love with him we went home but Louis locked the door and started crying he finally opens the door and Harry leads me upstairs to have a singing lesson but Zayn barged in with his dreamy brown eyes and his beautiful cheek bones with those adorable lip, whoa sorry anyway he gets in a fight with Louis because of course Louis had a plan for him to just walk in Louis punched Zayn for kissing me- "wait what Zayn kissed you." Harry was very shocked "YES, anyways Louis punched Zayn for kissing me and then I told Harry to come up Zayn was going to punch Harry but Harry ducked and he Punched ME! He didn't even care if so only Liam or Niall is the one but WHERE THE HELL IS LIAM!" I was thining the exact same thing where is Liam? "ITS ALL ZAYN'S FAULT!" Harry yelled while crying and Louis agreed

Harry's P.O.V

The one I adore is now DIRECTIONATER she hates me Zayn and Louis, thanks a lot Zayn you totally helped me Niall was smiling I was very angry with Niall since Harmony like Niall I think she also said Liam I'm not sure but all I know is Harmony is not staying wit me and Louis anymore.

Louis's P.O.V

Harmony hates me now all cause I kissed a girl why didn't I pull away I hope Harmony will still stay with us because I want to win her back and I am sure Harry agrees.

Harmony's P.O.V

I wanted to kill myself they still like me after what I said but how I Hate them well Harry is okay he didn't really do anything wrong I just want to know WHERE THE HELL IS LIAM!!!!

I asked Harry if I could still stay with those guys but he said no way so I asked Louis and yay I am living under a roof he said yes suck on that Harry. when we got home Harry was very angry  he didn't talk to me at all whether Louis wouldn't shut up I was starting to regret staying with these guys so I went to my room and wrote in a book that I found in Louis's room I said: my life is over I am living with Louis and Harry from 1D but they are dreadful I want to go somewhere else. Louis interrupted me while I was writing all my thoughts "Hey, I am really sorry for kissing that girl." Louis tried to apologize but I didn't care so I just ignored him, he sat on my bed asking me what I was doing I had a look on my face as if he wasn't talking but he knows what I'm up to he saw that I was using his book and snatched it off me "Hey, give it back!" I tried to get it off him and he started reading it: My life is over I am living with Louis and Harry from 1D but they are dreadful I want to go somewhere else. he grabbed my hand and took me downstairs "Let me go I want to go back upstairs and go to sleep why won't you let me." he ignored me and kept pulling on my arm I tried to escape but I couldn't he pulled me outside in the rain and kissed me, It was wonderful as if he was saving that kiss just for me. He pulled away and just left me there out in the freezing cold rain in a singlet and shorts maybe he does hate me. I started to wander off in the rain I was trying to look for Nialls house but I couldn't find it I had no Idea where he lived then I thought I might call  him but I didn't have my phone with me.

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