My Poverty

I had a bad life at first but settled at little I had. My name is Armic and my mother was Marije. We had a last name, to the family shunned us in disgrace. If I wasn't born then her family would be there for her but no one except me is now. I wish people were here since I'm ALONE!


1. Another Night By Myself

"Zoom! Zoom! Pow, Pew! Goodbye!" we all shouted as I turned off down that miserable tight street. I could hear them in the distance, fading rapidly as they ran. My name is Armic and my mothers is Marije. We had a last name until our family shunned us in disgrace. They said that my mother was horrible to have me and that no one wanted to know us anymore. Me and my friends love playing, we would do it all day in fact! We hated school with the Headmaster and his punishments. My neighbour, Mr Charlie State, lives in a big house which has a clock tower upon it. The house is called "Crescent Moon Sea View State Mansion." No one likes him except posh people like Headmaster because Mr State has his own punishments in mind. If he catches you peering through the window he would sneak out behind you and give you a SMACK, with his big walking stick of course. God knows what else he would do, especially if he see's what I do for that matter.

It was 3 o'clock, the perfect time. At 3 o'clock every day. Mr State and his butler go to the bank on the other side of town to bank money away. The milk man comes when he's out and so does the paper round. The five bottles of milk and three papers ( of the same type ) are always lying on his front door step. I looked both ways and grabbed a bottle and paper then I ran fast. I stopped with a big skid across the dirt. I shuffled around to find the key in my pocket. There's a great large metal sheet as my gate. My mother hit two holes in it so we could put a chain round a tree and through the holes to lock it. I found a suitcase padlock and key on the ground one day which I thought tourists must have dropped. We used that to padlock the chain to keep strangers out. I unlocked the padlock, pulled the chain and shoved with all my force the great metal sheet aside. Then I pushed back the metal sheet, attached the chain through the holes and then round an overhanging branch and locked it. With the milk and paper I strolled down a narrow path avoiding thorns and grey overgrown dead grass. After I reached a small shed I shuffled for yet another key. This key was to let me unlock the door to the shed or to be honest, my house.

I walked through and put down the milk and paper on an old rough shelf. I locked the door from the inside and cried. I was crying because it was two weeks since mother was here. If she was finished begging in the city she would come and collect me from school. She begged all day and a lot of the night. she may stay out for a day and she would have got a whole weeks worth of money or she would stay out for a week and only get a couple of days worth. She managed to pay for me to go to school. She also used her last amount to pay the rest of the amount our house or shed cost. I'm now worried where she is but I think she will come for me tomorrow. Yes, and she would have bought a big mansion just like Mr States but bigger. We would be millionaires, no billionaires! I did pray every night someone would walk past mother and drop a billion euros into her tub. I wiped my tears and picked up the damp newspaper on the floor. My little skinny British Bulldog, Mike, was laying in the corner hungry. I poured a half of the milk in a tub for him. He lapped it down so fast that there was none left by the time I stood up. Then I drank the other half. I decided to lay down on the newspaper next to Mike for another night by myself.

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