When You Learn How To Love 2

This is part 2 of When You Learn How To Love. It's been 1 year since Kim and Louis hasn't seen each other. Danielle was lucky enough to had run into her in the last part. But after a twisted and shocking ending in the previous story, Kim comes back in this play/script with a newborn baby boy, which she's absolutely positive is Louis's biological son. Read on and see how this child changes Louis's life from being just in a boy band to becoming a father. Also, see what Harry and Eleanor has plan for Louis and Kim. Will their love still be connected or will it be broken down like Kathryn and Blake's.


25. Will You Marry Me?

Niall: *opens the door* Louis? What’s all this?

Louis: Kim kicked me out.

Niall: What?! Why did she do that for?

Louis: I, I cheated on her with Eleanor.

Niall: El, Eleanor? As in Eleanor Calder?!

Louis: Yeah.

Niall: I don’t know if I want you here Louis.

Louis: What? It’s just for tonight; I’ll go find a hotel tomorrow morning.

Niall: I guess that’s fine, why would you cheat on Kim for?

Louis: I don’t know why I did that Niall. I love Kim, I want to marry her.

Niall: You want to marry her?

Louis: Yeah, I do.

Niall: But you cheated on her Louis.

Louis: I guess I just wanted to enjoy being with someone else before asking Kim.

Niall: I don’t know Louis, it’s up to you. It’s not the first that she’s caught you.

Louis: The first wasn’t really one because it was Eleanor that kissed me and today, Zayn and Perrie snitched me out.

Niall: Oh, so it was them that caught you, not Kim.

Louis: As what Kim said.

Niall: Well, what are you gonna do?

Louis: *takes out the ring* I’m gonna ask Kim to marry me.

Niall: How’s that gonna work?

Louis: It will, trust me.

Niall: Ok then. Well I’m gonna go to bed, you know what to do.

Louis: Yeah, goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Niall: Night. *leaves*

Kim: *wakes up* What are you still doing here? I thought I told you to be gone when I wake up.

Louis: I did and I came back because I wanted to talk and work things out with you.

Kim: Work things out? We tried our best, but it nevered worked. Can’t you see it, god doesn’t want us to be together.

Louis: *grabs kim hand* Don’t say that.

Kim: *tries to pull her hand away*

Louis: *pulls it back* Remember your father telling me something.

Kim: No, I’m sorry.

Louis: I do. Remember him asking me if I would like to marry you and I said no because I would love to marry you.

Kim: Yeah, and that’s not gonna happen because you cheated on me.

Louis: I know I did, but that’ll be the first and last.

Kim: How sure are you?

Louis: Positive.

Kim: Really.

Louis: I know because. *gets on one knee and takes out the ring* After this proposal, I will be faithful and honest with you forever.

Kim: *shocked/happy*

Louis: Kim, will you do the honor and be my wife? Will you marry me?

Kim: *cries in happy tears* Louis, I… Yes, of course I’ll marry you.

Louis: *puts the ring on kim/smiles and hugs her*

Kim: *looks at the ring* It’s beautiful Louis. *smiles*

Louis: *kisses kim* From now on we are eachother’s and no one else’s.

Kim: *hugs Louis happy*

Louis: *happy*

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