When You Learn How To Love 2

This is part 2 of When You Learn How To Love. It's been 1 year since Kim and Louis hasn't seen each other. Danielle was lucky enough to had run into her in the last part. But after a twisted and shocking ending in the previous story, Kim comes back in this play/script with a newborn baby boy, which she's absolutely positive is Louis's biological son. Read on and see how this child changes Louis's life from being just in a boy band to becoming a father. Also, see what Harry and Eleanor has plan for Louis and Kim. Will their love still be connected or will it be broken down like Kathryn and Blake's.


2. Who Is She?

Taryn: Hey babe.

Louis: Oh I didn’t hear you come in.

Taryn: Sorry, I just came by to tell you that I’ll be going out of town with my family this weekend and wanted to know if you want you can come with.

Louis: No, I can’t sorry.

Taryn: Oh, are you doing something?

Louis: I have rehearsals and shows to do, you know that babe.

Taryn: Is everything ok?

Louis: Yeah, I’m, you know I’m gonna go for a drive. I’ll be home later.

Taryn: Ok, I’ll be home. I have to pack anyways, but do you mind telling me where you’re going?

Louis: I’m gonna be over at Niall’s.

Taryn: Ok then, I’ll see you later. *gives Louis a kiss on the cheek*

Louis: *smiles and leaves*

Taryn: *looks around and sees louis’s phone* Let’s see who he’s been texting and calling. *goes through louis’s phone* Hmm, who’s number is this? *calls it*

Kim: Hello?

Taryn: *listens silently*

Kim: I can hear you breathing Louis.

Taryn: *hangs up*

Kim: What the heck? *hangs up*

Louis: *driving* Shit! I forgot my phone. *turns back to go get his phone*

Taryn: Oh, your back already.

Louis: Uh, I thought I set my phone right here. Have you seen it?

Taryn: Yeah, I have seen your phone.

Louis: Where is it?

Taryn: I have it.

Louis: Can I have it back.

Taryn: Who were you talking to?

Louis: Did she call back?

Taryn: Oh, so you knew it was a girl.

Louis: I just got off the phone with her before you came.

Taryn: Who is she?

Louis: She’s a friend who’s important to me.

Taryn: Girlfriend?

Louis: *silent*

Taryn: *throws louis’s phone at him*

Louis: *catches his phone* I’ll say it again. *saying it slowly* She’s a friend! Who’s important! To me!

Taryn: Your girlfriend exactly right.

Louis: It’s not going through your head is it?

Taryn: Why would you cheat on me Louis? After all I ever have done for you!?

Louis: We had only been together for five months.

Taryn: Still! It makes a difference! How long have you been talking to this girl!

Louis: Far before I even met you.

Taryn: You know what, forget it. I’m just gonna pack all my stuff and I’ll leave. I’ll just tell my parents that you weren’t who I expected you to be!

Louis: Pardon me? Expect who you wanted me to be? Who did you thought I was? That I was gonna be by your side forever and be there for you when you can’t stand anymore? Yeah I’ll be there, but no as well. Matter of fact, I don’t even need you in my life. I’ll be happy if you left my house and didn’t come back.

Taryn: *wants to cry*

Louis: You want to cry don’t you, well go ahead, I’ll be leaving now. *walks out the door mad*

Taryn: *screams and cries*

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