When You Learn How To Love 2

This is part 2 of When You Learn How To Love. It's been 1 year since Kim and Louis hasn't seen each other. Danielle was lucky enough to had run into her in the last part. But after a twisted and shocking ending in the previous story, Kim comes back in this play/script with a newborn baby boy, which she's absolutely positive is Louis's biological son. Read on and see how this child changes Louis's life from being just in a boy band to becoming a father. Also, see what Harry and Eleanor has plan for Louis and Kim. Will their love still be connected or will it be broken down like Kathryn and Blake's.


32. Until Next Time

Blake: Louis.

Louis: *puts his bags down* Mr. Jor…

Blake: Blake.

Louis: Blake, I’m really sorry.

Blake: Why? I trusted you with my daughter Louis. You told me you would love to marry her. What happened?

Louis: *want to cry* I don’t know. *cries* I really don’t know.

Blake: You gave me your words, but you turned on them.

Louis: I was stupid to have done that to her.

Blake: Yeah, and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life because my daughter is special. She’s one not to miss out on. She’s beautiful, smart, and will always be there for you, but you did her wrong son! You messed up big time on her and me.

Louis: I take full responsibility on what I did to her. If I ever get the chance again with her, I would never want to do that to her again.

Blake: She doesn’t mean for you to go, come back and talk to her again when she’s feeling better, but right now, you need to leave.

Louis: I know and I’m sorry. *leaves*

Kim: *eating by herself*

Harry: Is this seat taken?

Kim: *looks up* Harry?!

Harry: Can I sit here?

Kim: Yeah, yeah, go ahead.

Harry: *sits down* How are you feeling?

Kim: Not so good.

Harry: Yeah, I’m really sorry. I heard.

Kim: Who didn’t.

Harry: Look, if you need a friend you know I’m always gonna be here for you.

Kim: Thank you Harry.

Harry: *smiles and gives kim a paper with his number on it*

Kim: What’s this?

Harry: Call me sometimes. *smiles and leaves*

Kim: *grabs the paper and opens it*

Blake: You’re home honey.

Kim: Yeah, I am.

Blake: Feeling better?

Kim: I’m ok now. *smiles and hugs blake*

Blake: I love you princess.

Kim: I love you too dad.

Louis: *rings the doorbell*

Blake: Why don’t you get that.

Kim: Ok? *opens the door* What are you doing here?!

Louis: I didn’t come to argue Kim, I came to say goodbye to you.

Kim: Goodbye?

Louis: We’re not getting married nor are we getting back right?

Kim: *silent* No.

Louis: Thought so. *silent* Look, I just came over to tell you that I’m really sorry this had to happen to us.

Kim: For what? It already happened Louis, it’s ok, we’re not ever gonna get back together.

Louis: I know, but what I’m here for is to tell you that I still love you. Eleanor called me and told me she wants nothing to do with me anymore, so there’s not me and her anymore neither.

Kim: You came to tell me that? Louis, I don’t care about you or Eleanor.

Louis: *serious* I was up all night making a decision for myself and I finally made it.

Kim: What decision, to choose me or Eleanor?

Louis: No. I’m gonna go to war to be a better person Kim.

Kim: *hurt/scared for louis* That’s why you’re here, to tell me that.

Louis: *serious* I’m leaving tomorrow morning Kim. I didn't just come here to tell you that. I also came here because is to tell you that I’m a screw up. I screwed up on the best thing that happened to me. I screwed up on the best person that loved me for me. I screwed up for myself and my was soon to be wife. I know what I did was wrong, but you’re gonna have to forgive me one day. I love you Kim and I will always love you, but I don’t deserve a beautiful, smart, and gorgeous girl like you. You deserve someone better who loves you and will always be there for you. There are many guys out there that would love to be with you and for sure I don’t qualify as one. I would love to actually, but I know I just can’t anymore. Kim, you were my life. After a year of a twisted story with your mom, we fought back and got together. We made it together through when Brice was suffering. Hell, I would love to turn back time just to be there for you.

Kim: *touched with tears in her eyes*

Louis: *tears in his eyes* You’re one of the best thing that’s happened to me that I’ll never forget. Like I said before Kim, you’re like a trophy that I’ll never misplace or forget. You’ll always be on top and never be displaced. I’ll always look at you and smile knowing *cries* I won you.

Kim: *cries*

Louis: I love you Kim. I never had this kind of strong feelings and love for anyone, but you. If it’s meant to be, I hope to run into you someday and start all over with you.

Kim: *cries silently* I hope so too.

Louis: *hugs kim and cries in her shoulder*

Kim: *hugs Louis really crying*

Louis: *looks at kim smiling with tears* Farewell Kim.

Kim: *looks at Louis crying*

Louis: *smiles with tears* If I'm still alive in five years, I'll see you. Until then, farewell Kim. *kisses kims forehead and walks off crying*

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