When You Learn How To Love 2

This is part 2 of When You Learn How To Love. It's been 1 year since Kim and Louis hasn't seen each other. Danielle was lucky enough to had run into her in the last part. But after a twisted and shocking ending in the previous story, Kim comes back in this play/script with a newborn baby boy, which she's absolutely positive is Louis's biological son. Read on and see how this child changes Louis's life from being just in a boy band to becoming a father. Also, see what Harry and Eleanor has plan for Louis and Kim. Will their love still be connected or will it be broken down like Kathryn and Blake's.


16. One Direction Or Brice

Savan: Guys, where’s Louis?

Zayn: You know, I don’t think Louis’s gonna come to rehearsal’s or the show tonight.

Savan: What happened now?

Zayn: *silent*

Niall: Savan, something’s happened.

Savan: What are you guys covering him up with now?!

Liam: Savan, Brice is diagnosed with Leukemia.

Savan: *shocked* What?

Liam: It’s true; it’s been almost four month since he’s been in the hospital.

Savan: Why hasn’t anyone said anything!

Liam: It’s pretty private don’t you think?

Savan: Call him.

Kim: Hello?

Savan: Louis?!

Kim: Hi Savan, Louis can’t make it to rehearsal, but he said he’ll be there for tpnight's before the show.

Savan: I need him here at this moment Kim.

Kim: *tries not to cry* Brice is pretty much more important right now Savan.

Savan: This is already the third time he’s late. I can fire him for lack of attendance.

Kim: You don’t get it, it’s his son. What if it was yours.

Savan: It’s his third. If he doesn’t show up for tonight’s rehearsal, he’s fired. *hangs up*

Liam: You can’t do that to Louis!

Zayn: Yeah! You’re not our management.

Savan: I don’t have to be. Again from the top!

Kim: Savan called.

Louis: Shit! Rehearsals, I have to…

Kim: He said if you don’t show up to tonight’s rehearsal, he’s gonna have to fire you.

Louis: Fire me? *chuckles*

Kim: You should go to tonight’s rehearsal.

Louis: No.

Kim: Louis, this band means the world to you.

Louis: And so does my son.

Kim: He’ll be ok.

Louis: What if he needs more blood.

Kim: I can give him mine.

Louis: No, I can’t let you do that Kim.

Kim: I’m his mother! I can give him whatever he needs! If he needs another kidney, I’ll be glad to give him mine.

Louis: And if he needs a heart, I’ll be happy to give him mine.

Kim: *cries*

Louis: No, Kim, I’m… *hugs kim*

Kim: *crying* I can’t lose you either Louis.

Louis: I’m sorry I said that, but if he really did, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Kim: *hugs Louis tighter*

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