When You Learn How To Love 2

This is part 2 of When You Learn How To Love. It's been 1 year since Kim and Louis hasn't seen each other. Danielle was lucky enough to had run into her in the last part. But after a twisted and shocking ending in the previous story, Kim comes back in this play/script with a newborn baby boy, which she's absolutely positive is Louis's biological son. Read on and see how this child changes Louis's life from being just in a boy band to becoming a father. Also, see what Harry and Eleanor has plan for Louis and Kim. Will their love still be connected or will it be broken down like Kathryn and Blake's.


21. I Thought You Said He Was Better

Kim: *kisses Louis* Goodmorning. *smiles*

Louis: *wakes up and smiles* Morning beautiful.

Kim: Let’s go check on our little Brice.

Louis: *chuckles* Ok. *gets out of bed*

Kim: *kisses Louis*

Louis: *opens the door*

Kim: *wakes up brice* Brice, baby. Wake up.

Brice: *doesn’t respond*

Kim: *smiles* Brice. *looks at Louis confused* Brice?

Louis: *wakes up brice* Son? Brice. *wakes brice up again* Brice, son wake up.

Brice: *doesn’t respond again*

Louis: *picks brice up from the crib and listens to his heart* I don’t hear a heartbeat!

Kim: What?!

Louis: Call the ambulance!

Kim: *calls the ambulance*

911: 911, what’s your emergency.

Kim: *crying* My son isn’t responding!

Dr. Adams: Kim, Louis?

Kim: *crying* Please tell me he’s ok.

Louis: *pulls kim and puts her head on his chest* Doctor, please. You said he was better and that he could come home. Why didn’t he respond to us this morning?

Dr. Adams: *sighs* I’m sorry. Brice didn’t make it, he passed away in his sleep last night.

Kim: *really cries* No! He can't be!

Louis: *hugs kim and really cries on her shoulder*

Dr. Adams: I’m really sorry. *leaves sad*

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