Dark -A Louis Tomlinson FanFic- (15+)

"What`s your name?" He asked. I licked my lips and responded with a simple, stuttered, " H-Halli" "Halli. I like it" He started to smirk. Why me? Why was I the one he wanted right now. "I`m Louis" He then pinned me to the nearest thing, a wall. He moved my golden blonde hair out of the way of my neck and leaned down. - What will happen? Read Dark -A Louis Tomlinson FanFic- (15+)


6. I`ve Been Fired.

"Hello, how may I take your order." I said,turning and seeing Louis, and some blonde dude. 
"Hey babe." Louis said, smiling at me. The blonde guy stood there and waited for me to say something. 
"Hi. Louis, are you two going to order or not?"I asked, as kindly as possible. 
"Niall, order your food, mate" Louis laughed a little. The blonde guy, Niall, ordered a shit ton of food. Louis didn`t order anything, instead he jumped behind the counter. 
"Louis, you are going to get me fired from my job, please go with Niall. Niall your order should be ready soon, ok?" I told him, Louis groaned but didn`t move from next to me.  My boss came next to me. 
"May I speak to you, Halli. You, sir, please go from behind the counter, this is for employees only" He said, Louis complied and I followed my boss to his office. "Halli, why didn`t you make him leave? Do you know him?" He asked me. 
"Yeah, he`s my- I want to say boyfriend, but he`s not. I asked him to go with his friend, but he just doesn`t listen to me." I stated.
"I`m sorry, Halli, but you are fired." My boss said, "You can keep the uniform though, all of it you paid it off yesterday" He said. I nodded and left. Thanks to Louis I now have no job. I went and sat next to Louis.
"You on break babe?" He asked, I shook my head no.
"Thank to you I have no job. I don`t want to see you ever again." I said and left to go to my car. Louis met me at my car.
"Halli! Halli! HALLI!"He yelled, "DON`T IGNORE ME WHEN I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME!" He yelled at me. I turned and saw him, tears streaming down his face. I walked up to him. 
"What the fuck do you want?" I asked him. 
"Don`t leave me. Y-You are m-my ever-everything." He stuttered, more tears coming down, I wiped them away.
"I won`t leave someone who never had me. Louis, you never had me." I said, taking his hands in mine.
"Will you go out with me?" He asked, taking me by surprise. I looked at him with a confused expression. I hugged him.
"Yes." I simply said. 
"Good, we are going to a bar" He smirked. I groaned and got in my car. A fucking Bar? God. I`m still going though, he asked me out officially though.

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