Dark -A Louis Tomlinson FanFic- (15+)

"What`s your name?" He asked. I licked my lips and responded with a simple, stuttered, " H-Halli" "Halli. I like it" He started to smirk. Why me? Why was I the one he wanted right now. "I`m Louis" He then pinned me to the nearest thing, a wall. He moved my golden blonde hair out of the way of my neck and leaned down. - What will happen? Read Dark -A Louis Tomlinson FanFic- (15+)


3. I Can`t Swim

"Hey beautiful" He said. I rolled my eyes and took his hand, and pulled him out of the hallway. I wanted this over and done with. All I wanted was to never see Louis ever again. "Halli. Stop." Louis said as I got to the front door. I complied to his orders and leaned against the door. "Damn, you look hot babe."he said as got his jacket fro the hanger. How long had Louis been here? 
"Mum! I`m - I mean We are leaving" I shouted to her. 
"Ok sweetie. Have fun!" She replied. We went out. Louis walked me to his car and opened my door for me. I smiled at him and got in. Louis CAN be sweet.
"Your smile is lovely."he hesitated to put a hand on my cheek. When he saw that I didn`t fight him this time, he caressed it for a moment, before crashing his lips to mine, roughly. I pushed him off me. "Why must you be so damn difficult!" He shouted, making me whimper. Louis`s face softened as he started the car. I looked out my window the whole way there. 

When Louis stopped the car, he looked at me, his face was apologetic. 
"Louis, I`m fine. Just never been yelled at like that before" I lied. It was so see through but he went with it. 
"Ok. Don`t move" He demanded. Louis is different. Difficult and scary at one moment, then lovely and perfect the next. Still though, every time he touched me I felt sparks run through my body. As if he and I are made for each other. In some way for another, he wants me to be more willing to him, to his bad boy side. Or he`s new to me, my type. That`s it. I hummed softly as we went down the docks to a restaurant. I didn`t look at him. Ok a few glances, but can you blame me? He`s hot! He looked at me, with a load of darkness in his eyes, with a hint of sweetness. "Tomlinson, table for two." he whispered something to the hostess that I didn`t hear. We went to the back and sat down. The waitress gave us our menus and left, looking at Louis and acting like I wasn`t there. I looked at the menu and saw nothing I wanted but decided on a salad. Louis looked at me and smiled. "You are hot" He smirked and moved closer to me. I looked at him awkwardly.
"Shut up" I muttered at him. He chuckled, and set a hand on my knee and went up. I batted his hand away.
"Feisty are we? Come on, let`s just go. I know what we can do" He leaned in. 
"I-I have to pee" I said and went towards the restroom. 
"Ok, hurry babe" He called after me. I looked in the mirror. He`s not changing me, thank God! But I have a frightened look in my eyes and face. The door opened and I looked to see our waitress. 
"Are you Halli?" she asked, I nodded. "Your boyfriend" 
"He isn`t my boyfriend" I stated.
"Oh well, your date asked me to check on you" She said.
"W-Where is he?"I stuttered. 
"Outside here" she said, "come here."she pulled me to the window. "Go, I`ll tell him that you weren`t in here." I hugged her. 
"Thank you!" I said and started climbing out the window. 
"WHAT?" I heard, crap. I looked up and saw Louis in the restroom, looking at me angrily. I got out and ran as fast as I could and Louis behind me. He was gaining on me. 
"You aren`t gonna get very far!" He yelled. I kept running until I reached the end of the dock. I turned around and saw Louis slow down, smirking as I ran out of places to run. I stepped back into the water.I held my breath as he dived in after me. I let out my breath and waited. I felt his arm wrap around my waist, and pull me above water, where I struggled to keep my head above water. He and I both gasped for air. 
"YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!"He yelled at me, making me start to cry, that and that I having problems swimming. 
"Louis, help me. I can`t swim. Very well" I added. He  looked at me and held me close to him. 
"You are still in trouble" He said. I smiled a little. "Come on" He pulled me out of the water and got out after me. "We have to get your stuff from the restaurant." I  didn`t even notice. My purse and my phone! 

We went back and the owner wasn`t happy about is being soaking wet and in the place, dripping water everywhere. We grabbed my stuff and Louis paid the small bill, and we left. I sat in the car and looked blankly out the window. 
"You are staying at mine tonight. Your mum is gone tonight. I was talking to her while you were finishing getting ready. "He smirked. I couldn`t see the smirk but I knew he had it. Shit. I`m at his house, all night. Damn it

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