Dark -A Louis Tomlinson FanFic- (15+)

"What`s your name?" He asked. I licked my lips and responded with a simple, stuttered, " H-Halli" "Halli. I like it" He started to smirk. Why me? Why was I the one he wanted right now. "I`m Louis" He then pinned me to the nearest thing, a wall. He moved my golden blonde hair out of the way of my neck and leaned down. - What will happen? Read Dark -A Louis Tomlinson FanFic- (15+)


5. Having To Go To Work

I woke up and looked at my side. Louis was gone, I sighed and sat up. Suddenly, Louis came in the room, and sat next to me, smirking for some odd reason. 
"Good morning!" He said. I smiled at him but said nothing. "Oh come on, talk to me, please?" He begged.
"Good morning, silly Louis!"I laughed as I poked his nose. He smiled at me, and kissed my nose. My sweet Louis. "I have work today. Come on take me home" I said, getting my clothing off his floor. He groaned.
"Man! I do too. The boys need me in today" He said, frowning. I went up to him and kissed him softly.
"Then I`m going to the bathroom to shower. Do not join me Louis." I stated making me groan again, I pecked his lips and went to bathroom and took my shower. 

I got out and towel dried my hair and wrapped the towel around me and went to grab my clothes. I got in the room and saw Louis sitting on his phone, I grabbed my clothes, hoping he wouldn`t notice me there is only a towel. I looked up and saw him smirking at me. I blushed and went back to the bathroom to change. 
"Halli, let me in." He said from outside the door. I was already changed so I opened the door. He was smirking then looked me up and down. "Damn it, your dressed." he frowned. I rolled my eyes and went past him. Bod Boy Louis is back. He grabbed my wrist and made me look at him. "But we can change that." He said. 
"We both have work. Take me home" I demanded. 
"Feisty are we?" He intertwined our fingers together, and walked out of the room, pulling me with him. I got in his car, and looked lut the window, and Louis made a face, that made me laugh. He chuckled and got in the other side. "Like my silly face?" He said, making it again, which of course made me laugh, but all I managed to do was nod. He drove to my house. I went in, and got a text from Louis.

I didn`t get a good bye kiss? How rude! Love you, see you tonight! Xx L

I smiled, and looked out the window and saw him sitting there in his car. I went out and gave him a quick kiss and ran back in so I could change. I got in my work clothes and grabbed my bag and went to my car and drove to my work. I work at Nando`s. It sucks but I need the money. I went in and clocked in. My boss came up to me.

"Work at the cashiers spot. Cathy is sick." He said, and I nodded and went to the cash register. 

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