Dark -A Louis Tomlinson FanFic- (15+)

"What`s your name?" He asked. I licked my lips and responded with a simple, stuttered, " H-Halli" "Halli. I like it" He started to smirk. Why me? Why was I the one he wanted right now. "I`m Louis" He then pinned me to the nearest thing, a wall. He moved my golden blonde hair out of the way of my neck and leaned down. - What will happen? Read Dark -A Louis Tomlinson FanFic- (15+)


4. A Night At His House

We went to his house, and I was shivering because I was still cold. Louis literally picked me up in his arms and opened the door. He went somewhere, but I couldn`t see, it was too dark in the house for me to see. Louis set me on something soft, his bed, ok. All I could see was him grabbing something and throwing it at me. 
"Wear those, come out when you`ve changed, unless you want me to stay." I shook my head, and groaned as he was leaving, making me giggle. I took off my wet clothes and changed into one of his tshirts and some sweats, that most likely didn`t fit him if they fit me. I walked out and found my way to the kitchen to see him leaning against the counter. I walked up to him and sat on the counter, and looked at him. He was playing on his phone, probably thinking I was trying to get me wet clothes off. I set my head on his shoulder, making him jump and look at me. Louis smirked. 
"You look hot in my clothes." I rolled my eyes, "Why are you so difficult?" He put himself in between my legs and looked up into my eyes, as I was now taller than he was.
"Because," I closed my eyes as he touched my cheek, "I can`t fall in love again" I whispered. 
"Halli, I wont hurt you" he said, I opened my eyes and looked into his blue ones. No darkness.
"I don`t get you Louis. One minute you are all sweet and shit, the next you are trying to get me in bed with you" I narrowed my eyes a bit in confusion. 
"I wouldnt have to be not sweet if you cooperated with me, like most girls do. But I like that you are different" He said and leaned in and kissed me softly. " Halli, I don`t want you to change, but I want you to love me." He closed his eyes. I cupped his cheek with my hand, and wiped away the tear that was falling from his eye. 
"Louis, I just don`t want to fall in love again. I can`t."I have secrets too. Louis can`t know about them. 
"Whatever" He stormed out of the room, leaving me to sit there. I jumped off the counter and went to his room. Louis sat on the bed, his fishes balled up. I went and knelt down in front of him. " Halli, I`m in love with you" He said, taking me by surprise. I love him, yes, but I`m not in love with him, I only love him as a friend, who scares me. 
"Can we just go to bed?" I asked irritated by him at the moment. Louis looked down in disappointment. 
"This is literally the most I have every heard your voice, Hal" I cringed. No more talking tonight. I got up and sat on the bed, next to Louis and laid my head on his shoulder. This is the Louis I love, not the other Louis, I`m in love with the sweet side of Louis, not bad boy Louis. I want this Louis to stay, but I know he won`t. Tomorrow he`s gonna pin me to my door and try to get me. I kissed his cheek and went up and laid under his covers and waited for him to change and get in bed with me. When he did, I cuddled up to him. I wanted to cherish the moments I had with sweet Louis, since he doesn`t stay for that long. I fell asleep, dreaming about sweet Louis and I, married and having 3 kids.

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