Radio Reject

Jenny, and Maria, 2 girls that started a band, they called themselves radio rejects, when these two girls are making it famous will a boy-band get in the way of the two 19 year old girls?


1. starting radio rejects

Jenny's POV

I was sitting with Maria, we were talking about if we really want to try with this band, we both agreed and decided it was best to try, it couldn't hurt right? we tried many names: LOL, the trombone-y's, then I thought of it RADIO REJECTS I say, yes Maria yells jumping up, it's better than the trombone-y's I say she laughs and nods, true I laugh, so two 17 year old girls starting a band, how is this goona work? I have no idea but we'll try, oh in the mean time do you want to make that video where you sing they chorus of the song to people on the street to see what they do,  yeah I nod, as she pulls out a video camera, lets go, she says walking out, I laugh and follow her, when we get to a street, with lot's of people, I walked up to the first one and started to sing, by the time we finished I had been slapped many times, because the mothers didn't understand me, and threatened, then we stopped recording and started to laugh, we watched the footage, wait I say stop there, she nods and stops zoom in I say she zooms in and I move it over, wow I say, in the back round there is a guy laughing, we look at each other before bursting out laughing, we post the video and add an ending,, finally when we finished we advertise our new "band"

______________________________________________________________________________________ it's been 2 years, and we have done it we've become famous, we're just starting as a famous band, we've met tones of celebrity's, Maria is hoping she can meet one direction, she wants them all to fall hopelessly in love with her, I laugh at her dreams, she just chuckles at me, when we're walking into a building i bump into someone hey- he says he looks at me then continues, I'm so sorry are you ok? i nod and smile, he stands up well nice bumping into you, with that he walks away, Maria is standing there with a wide open mouth someone from one direction is in love with you she says i roll my eyes i have no idea what they look like so i don't know i say and even if i did know the i doubt the would like me,

when we arrive in the room we need to be i sit down in an empty chair but Maria sit's on the couch and pulls me too, i roll my eyes at her, when 2 people come in wearing business suits i stand up and shake their hands gesturing for Maria to do the same, she does and we sit again, i notice the chairs are free so i sit in one of the chairs beside the couch, Maria stays on the couch, as we wait we've been told this is a colaberation meeting, when 5 guys walk in they all look at us and seem to be talking about who sits in the chair, I'm not that hideous am i? i ask which caused them to laugh then a boy in a stripped shirt sat next to me and smiled, i smiled back,  and the meeting started boy's these two girls are a band and will be opening act for your tour, the guys all nod and seem to be all staring at me, when it was time to leave me and Maria stood at the same time, and walked out,

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