Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?♫

Meet Carissa Ramirez, she had an amazing life until one day somethings change under the roof she lives in. She gets blamed now and then, and she's tired of it! When she begs her cousin Tony Perry from Pierce The Veil to live with them everything changes. And who knew Warped Tour can change a lot of people.


1. I'm tired of begging for the things that I want.

Carissa Ramirez - Mollie King 


I walked home from my job which was being a barista at Starbucks. It can be pretty fun at times. I unlock the door, the aroma of vanilla made me smile for some reason. I grabbed my laptop from the counter and went upstairs and taking out my ponytail. "Hello." I said which sounded more like a question, "Carissa guess what!" My bestfriend Amanda squealed through the phone, I knew it was about Pierce The Veil. I sighed, "What?"  "They're having a concert in New York!" Amanda screamed, "Well number one shut up before you break my ears and amazing." I said, I never knew my cousin personally. We met when we were eight and that's all I remember. 

"Carissa!" My mom yelled, "What!" I yelled back, "Clean your mess downstairs!" My mom yelled, I noticed my little sister Cassidy was there. I always get blamed when Cassidy is around. "That's not even my mess." I mumbled picking up a toy. "Carissa stop giving me an attitude!" My mom argued, I groaned. "I might as well move out!" I said dropping a toy almost hitting Cassidy's face. "Fine." My mom said storming upstairs.

"Answer Tony, answer." I mumbled as I paced around the room. "Hello?" Tony said which sounded like a question, "It's Carissa.." I said, "Hey!" Tony said in a surprised tone, "Can I stay with you and your band please!" I begged, "Why? What's wrong with your mom?" Tony questioned, "She's just being never mind, can I just stay with you guys please!" I begged even more, "Fine. Oh don't worry about your flight to San Diego." Tony said hanging up. 



The next morning I woke up feeling extremely tired! My blonde hair was a mess and my brown eyes looks tired! I  straightened my hair and put on some eyeliner and mascara which took me thirty minutes! I sneaked out of the house and ran to Amanda's. I pounded on her door until someone answered. "What are you doing up so early?" Amanda's boyfriend Jake said, "Leaving can you or Amanda drive me to the airport." I said, "Sure lets' go." Jake said.

It was a quiet car ride, I wanted to say something but the conversation will probably die down. I looked out the window seeing the gray clouds, I cringed. I can't wait to go to California! 

"Um Carissa.. We're at the airport now." Jake said shaking my shoulder. "Sorry." I said walking out, "Thanks." I smiled then slammed the door.

The ride to San Diego was annoying and pretty boring! Little kids were crying and screaming. I can't wait to get out of this plane! 

As I get off I tried looking for Tony.. I saw a sign that said "Carissa!" Clever. I walked towards Tony, he hasn't changed at all! "You look the same turtle." I smiled as he pulled me into a hug. "You look ten time prettier that's for sure!" Tony teased, "Shut up!" I chuckled, "Oh, this is Mike, Jaime and Vic." Tony said pointing to each and one of them. Vic was pretty hot! "Does your mom know you're in San Diego?" Tony questioned as we got in the car, "No.." I said, "She's gonna flip when she doens't find you at home!" Tony said, "Maybe your mom should talk to my mom." I shrugged. 

When we got to the band's place, I have to admit it looks nice! I got my luggage until Vic pulled it out of my hand, "I can carry my stuff you know!" I chuckled, "Well I should be nice." Vic smiled, I rolled my eyes. Once we got inside the boys ran to the kitchen, I laughed as they stuffed their face. "Are you hungry?" Jaime said, I shook my head and sat on the couch. I felt my eyes drop and everything was black.


"Carissa.." Vic said shaking me, I stretched and fluttered my eyes open. "Yeah.." I said looking up, "We were gonna to to our friend's house. Kellin." Vic said fiddling with his fingers like it was the most interesting thing in the world, "Have fun." I smiled, "Well.. Do you wanna come with us?" Vic questioned, "Yeah, sure." I smiled and headed towards the bathroom to fix my hair. 

"Ouch." I said as I fell, "Sorry." Mike said sticking out his hand which pulled me up. "It's fine." I said walking past him like nothing happened, I brushed my hair and brushed my teeth. I'm really odd! 

Ten minutes later which seems like forever we finally reached Kellin's house! A girl swung open the door and a little girl. She's seriously adorable! "Copeland!" Jaime said in a baby voice, I giggled. "Why are you laughing!" Jaime whined with a puppy face, I shrugged and playfully rolled my eyes. "Hey guys!" Kellin said, I was looking at my text messages, nothing. I went on twitter, some tweets from Amanda. 

"Who are you?" Kellin smiled sweetly, "Carissa." I smiled, "Well hey Carissa." Kellin said pulling me into a hug. The boys sat on the couch as I sat on the floor for some reason. "I'm Katelynne." She smiled sitting next to me. "This is Copleland."  I smiled. "Oli must be here." Kellin said standing up, "I'll get it." I smirked running past Kellin. "Thanks Carissa." Kellin said sarcastically, I smiled and I swung open the door. Wow, there's alot of hot guys here... "Hey." He said, "Hi." I smiled gesturing him to come in. "I'm Oliver but you can call me Oli." He smiled pulling me into a hug, "Carissa." I said and walked with Oli.

I sat on the floor with Katelynne watching Silver Linings Playbook. "Ow!" I said as Copeland pulled my hair, "Copeland!" Katelynne and Kellin scolded, while the boys laughed. I flicked them off and they started laughing harder, I rolled my eyes. "Aw is little Carissa mad." Tony cooed, "Leave me alone." I chuckled.

I had a pretty good time at Kellin's, I also got Oliver's,Kellin's and Katelynne's number if the boys weren't home or something! I walked downstairs until I saw Vic and a girl. Why do I even care? I just met him. "Who's this Vic?" The girl said in a mad tone, "I'm Carissa." I said crossing my arms, "Calm down babe it's just Tony's cousin." Vic smiled kissing her cheeks. I walked towards the kitchen and sat on the counter for some reason. "Any reason why you're sitting on the counter?" Mike asked which startled me! I shook my head, "Just bored." I said with a fake smile. Who knew one girl can change my mood all of a sudden. 

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