Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?♫

Meet Carissa Ramirez, she had an amazing life until one day somethings change under the roof she lives in. She gets blamed now and then, and she's tired of it! When she begs her cousin Tony Perry from Pierce The Veil to live with them everything changes. And who knew Warped Tour can change a lot of people.


2. Darling, you'll be okay.

I woke up to the sound of pans and plates falling on the ground, I fluttered my eyes open examining the room I'm in. I looked at the time, I'm surprised I'm up this early! Quietly as I could, I sneaked downstairs to see what was happening. I hid behind the wall that was somewhat connected to the kitchen. "Wait so you and Cara broke up because of Carissa?" Tony questioned, "Yeah pretty much." Vic said calmly, why would Cara break up with Vic anyways? "Well good we didn't like her." Mike said, "Agreed." Tony and Jaime said simultaneously, "I did like her a little though." Vic said. That's when I walked in and grabbed a bottle of water. "Hey Carissa!"  Jaime said in a weird tone, "Hi." I said which sounded more like a question, "How was your sleep." Mike said suspiciously, "Yeah I heard everything." I said, "We tried." Jaime shrugged. 

"So, I was thinking if we could hang out.." Vic said sitting next to me, why would he wanna hang out with me when he just got out of a relationship? "Sure." I said then I walked towards the bathroom to fix myself which took longer than usual!

"Lets go!" I smiled, Vic smiled at my appearance and we headed out the door. "Look, I know we barely know each other but for some reason I feel like we know each other." Vic said, "Yeah same here." I said crossing my arms, "You barely talk huh."  "Well yeah." I scoffed, "Sure!" Vic said not believing me, "Well there's nothing to talk about!" I shrugged, "Well then lets' get to know each other. 


*2 year later*

It's been a two yearssince I've been touring, and staying with the band! It took my mom about three months for her to make it okay to make me live with them! "Hey." Vic said as he snaked his arms around my waist, you might be thinking we're in a relationship when we aren't, we just act like we are for some reason! 

Vic and I walked towards the back of the bus finding the boys playing video games, I playfully rolled my eyes and walked to my bunk. "Hello?" I said which sounded more like a question, "Hey Carissa." Oliver's voice echoed, is this a joke? "I haven't talked to you in forever!" I giggled, "Well... I heard you're going to Warped Tour and stuff." Oliver said, "Do you wanna um hangout?" Oliver asked, "Sure. I'd love to!" I smiled even though he couldn't see me. "Why so happy?" Tony asked which startled me. "Nothing." I shrugged jumping off my bunk. 

We were all eating while I drank water. So much things were going through my mind for some reason, which is Oli. "So why were you excited? I could hear you giggle and all." Mike said, "Well Oli called and.." I said until Vic stormed out the kitchen and towards his bunk. I ran after him, "Are you okay?" I questioned, why would he even get mad all of a sudden just because I mentioned Oli. "Fine." Vic mumbled through the pillow. "Why are you mad just cause I mentioned Oli?" I asked with a bit of anger in my voice, "I'm not even mad." Vic snapped, I rolled my eyes and left. 

"Oli!" I smiled jumping on him and he twirled me around, "Well aren't you guys cute." Jaime smirked, Oli and I rolled our eyes. "Carissa can I talk to you for a minute." Tony smiled, "Sure." I said with a worried look, I know he's gonna talk about Vic and all that! "What." I sighed crossing my arms, "Why are you hanging out with Oli all of a sudden, you and Vic are like perf-" I cut him off, "Perfect for each other? Never. And I can't hang out with a friend." I snapped skipping to Oli grabbing his hands. "Bye guys." I smiled innocently at Tony and Vic. 

Vic's POV

I felt my heart shattered into a million of pieces, watching the girl I like so much holding hands with a guy that I barely even talk to! I just want to run away and forget about this. "Vic are you okay bro?" Mike said putting a hand on my shoulder, "Yeah.I sighed. 

I punched the wall until my hands were bleeding, "Vic stop it!" Carissa gasped still holding hands with Oli. I wanted to but I didn't.

Carissa's POV

"Vic, you should stop." Oli said letting go of my hand, "No maybe you should go away with Carissa!" Vic yelled in his face, I ran outside the bus until Tony caught me in his arms, "Woah what's going on?" Tony asked, "Leave me alone." I said pushing him away.

"Sorry love." I said bumping into someone, "Hey aren't you Tony Perry's cousin?" A girl asked with a Pierce The Veil shirt on, I nodded and smiled. "Can I take a picture with y-y-you." She stuttered, I grabbed her phone and took a picture. I don't know why she wants to take a picture with me especially when I'm not famous. "Your cousin's band is amazing and so are you." She said skipping off.

Sometimes I wish I just a normal girl! 

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