Gay Fanfics of Couples that are on my mind

Whenever I think of two random famous guys or characters being a gay couple, I will write a hot, NSFW story about what they’ll do in their free time. I’ll also have a romantic one here and there. NSFW short stories will be label’d with (N). Have fun reading!


3. Tony and Steve - 3 (NNNNN)

Tony lied in bed next to Steve, trying to control himself. It was really cold, but snuggling with Steve wouldn't really be the best idea. Tony poked his head out from the covers. He'd been under there staring at Steve's butt. Tony looked to the side and saw the box Steve had given him. He wondered what was inside it.

"Steve." Tony whispered. Steve turned his head, and opened his eyes, sleepily.

"Yes?" Steve answered.

"When can I open that box?"

"Oh, well, it's nothing too special, so you can open it tomorrow morning." Tony turned over, his back now facing Steve. He decided to stop talking to Steve, because he didn't want to accidentally bring up anything gay. Tony didn't sleep, he just lied there staring at the wall.

A few hours later, Steve woke up, cold. 

My hands are so cold they hurt...damn you, winter!

Steve tried as much as he could to keep himself warm. He stuck his hands between his thighs, but that wasn't working. Steve was now under the covers, searching for a warm spot on his body. Nothing. No part of his body could keep him warm, and the comforter wasn't working as well. Steve looked at Tony's body under the covers. Smooth, tanned back, leading down to a big (and Steve meant BIG) ass. Steve put his hands on Tony's back. Not warm. Steve felt weird about what he was doing, but his hands were freezing. Little did he know, Tony was still awake, and eyes wide open. Steve put his hands all over Tony, trying to find a warm spot.

I feel so perverted for doing this, but my hands can't take this cold! Why can't I find any warm spots?

The only part Steve hadn't checked was the only clothed part - Tony's ass. Steve talked to himself for a minute, and then finally gathered up the courage. He grabbed the top of Tony's underwear, and pulled it towards himself. He then stuck his hands in.

Woah. That's warm.

Tony's ass was so big, smooth, and full. Steve rubbed his hands back and forth, feeling the warmth. He then thought to himself, and pulled his hands out.

What's wrong with me?

Tony was overwhelmed. He knew it was cold, due to Steve's freezing hands, but he didn't know Steve would go that far for warmth. His boner was so big that he felt trapped in his underwear. He didn't want Steve to stop, but he had. He decided to speak up.

"Um...uh, it's okay.." Tony said. Steve jumped a bit and froze.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were awake! I'm so sor-"

"It's okay, I get it. It's cold, your hands are freezing, mine are too. Anybody would go that far for warmth."

"I am so sorry!"

"I didn't say you weren't allowed. Go ahead and stick your hands back in there. I understand." Tony finished. Then, Tony grabbed Steve's hands and pushed them back in.

"This is so awkward..." Steve said. Steve was gay, but he didn't think Tony was. He was actually happy Tony was letting him do this, because he thought Tony would have yelled and kicked him out. Tony started to move his ass in a circular motion, and Steve blushed. His mind was going crazy, and so was Tony's!

Finally, Tony turned his head and stared Steve in the eyes. The expression he was making was so cute. His eyes were gleaming, and he looked so curious. Steve had a surprised look on his face. He then squeezed one of Tony's ass cheeks, and Tony's eyes widened. He leaned towards Steve and pulled him into a passionate kiss. A big, sloppy one. Steve and Tony were both contributing to it, and both of them were surprised at the other. Tongue versus tongue, slipping and sliding across the insides of each other's mouths. Tony accidentally moaned, and pulled away, with his hand on his mouth.

Oh my god. This is happening. For real. I am making out with Steve.

Tony grabbed Steve's raging boner, and rubbed the fabric of the underwear.

"I love you." Tony said.


"Nothing." Tony said, continuing to rub Steve's boner.

"No, say it again." Steve said.

"I...I love you." Steve smiled after Tony said this, a sad-but-happy look on his face.

"I love you too."

Steve slowly pulled off his underwear, with the help of Tony. Steve's raging cock flew out of his underwear, slapping his stomach. He was shaking with excitement, and so was Tony. Steve grabbed Tony's clothed ass and pulled him closer, naked boner to clothed boner. He started to pull Tony's underwear off, and grabbed Tony's ass. Tony moaned and Steve brought their naked bodies so close together they thought they might have exploded. Tony buried his face in Steve's chest, and then grabbed his boner. He licked all over Steve's chest and nipple as Steve played with Tony's cock. Tony then inched himself down the bed, his face right in front of Steve's cock. It was exactly as he imagined it- but way bigger and hotter. Steve turned to face his cock towards the ceiling, and Tony climbed on top of him, still under the covers. Tony put his mouth right on the head of Steve's giant cock, and licked bath and forth at the slit. 

"Oh, god, Tony!" Steve yelled.

"Mmm," Tony said over and over again. "Mmmmm!" Finally, Tony opened his mouth wide, and started slowly inching down Steve's cock.

"Fuck! Oh fuck!" Steve yelled. Tony's tongue danced across the bottom of Steve's cock, and Steve could feel the head of it touching the back of Tony's throat. Tony kept "Mmm"-ing and sucked harder and faster and harder. Steve's legs were flailing out of control, and his eyes almost rolled back into his head due to pleasure. Tony's head bobbed up and down, giant tongue completely enveloping Steve's cock. He sucked the sides a bit, and then moved back to the whole thing.

"Steve, your cock tastes so good!" Tony said. Then, Tony turned around and put on a 69 position.

"You suck me while I suck you." Tony said. He started to suck, and then choked for a second at the feeling of Steve's mouth. His whole dick was inside Steve's throat, and Steve's tongue went all around, completely soaking Tony's dick. Tony moaned really loud, and rolled his eyes backwards.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Captain! Your mouth feels so damn good!" Steve moaned hearing Tony call him Captain. Then, Tony pulled out of Steve's mouth and sat on Steve's face.

"Come on, you soaked my dick, Captain, now soak my ass!" Steve swirled his tongue around Tony's anus and stuck it inside him a few times. Once Steve stuck it inside Tony's ass, his ass did a little happy-rotation and he almost completely swallowed the Captain's dick. Tony couldn't take it any more. He turned around, his ass now facing Steve's cock. 

"Iron Man, your ass is perfection. If I could eat it for dinner, I would!" Steve said, sounding much more horny than before. Tony stuck his butt cheeks over Steve's cock, and then slid Steve's cock around inside of them. Tony licked Steve's stomach and then said;

"I need you inside me."

He then stuck an inch of Steve's cock inside of him, and he moaned. It was so thick and large. Steve was freaking out. The inside of Tony's ass was so tight, but soft and wet. It felt so good. Finally, Tony just dropped down on Steve, engulfing the whole thing. He started to ride Steve and yelled so loud.

"Fuck! Fuck! FUUUCK! That hurts so bad, but feels so damn good!"

Now Steve started to help, too. He slammed his cock so hard inside of Tony's ass. He hit Tony's sweet spot, and Tony moaned loudly. He started slamming against it faster and harder, his balls slapping against Tony's ass. 

Pound, pound, slap, pound, squish.

All of these sounds made Steve's cock harder and harder. He moaned loudly and then yelled.

"I'm going to cum! You feel so damn good...I'm going to cum!"

Tony felt the same as he stroked his dick faster and faster.

"I'm going to cum, too! Open wide, Captain!" Tony yelled. Steve opened his mouth, and Tony came so much. Giant splatters flew and hit Steve's tongue, him pulling it inside his mouth.

'A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-H!" Tony yelled, his cum splattering the walls and getting all over himself, Steve, and the bed.

"I'm cumming!" Steve yelled. He came inside of Tony, and Tony yelled and came more, his cum now sloshing all over his face. Steve was still cumming, and it just kept going and going.

"FUUUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!" Steve yelled.

"My ass is so full!" Tony yelled, over and over again. Finally, the cum starting squirting out from the sides of his ass, and dripping all over his legs. Steve was still cumming, and Tony started to scream. The cum spilled all out of Tony's ass, and formed a large pool on the floor. Tony lied on top of Steve and kissed him, cum swapping as their wet tongues danced together. 

"Steve, I love you so much..." Tony said. 

"Sit on my face again for a minute." Steve said. Tony did so, and Steve sucked out all of the cum still dripping from his anus. It filled his mouth. He spit some into Tony's mouth, and they both swallowed.

"I love you too, Tony." Steve answered. Tony told Jarvis to clean the mess, and the men took a shower together, Steve caressing Tony as the water pounded their aching bodies. The day was over, but there were more to come.

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