Gay Fanfics of Couples that are on my mind

Whenever I think of two random famous guys or characters being a gay couple, I will write a hot, NSFW story about what they’ll do in their free time. I’ll also have a romantic one here and there. NSFW short stories will be label’d with (N). Have fun reading!


2. Tony and Steve - 2 (N)

The next day, Tony was sprayed with deodorant, wearing his tightest possible clothes, (to show of his body- especially the butt.) and he had his hair fixed up by Jarvis. He was ready to see Steve. He was just hoping Steve would wear tight clothes, too.

Tony tried to push down his boner, and then sat on the couch and waited. Even though it was a whole hour before Steve would arrive, Tony was ready. So he waited and watched TV.

An hour later, the doorbell rang.

"Sir, Steve is at the door. Shall I open it for him, or do you want to?" Jarvis asked. Tony replied with a yes. Before he got to the door, though, he stopped.

"Jarvis, you don't care that I'm gay, right?" He asked.

"No, sir. I wasn't programmed to hate your sexual preferences. I can be gay too, if you'd like?" Jarvis replied.

"No, I'm good."

Tony opened the door to see Steve - looking as hot as possible. Tight, TIGHT purple sweatpants, a tight white T-shirt and a purple jacket over all of it. Steve seemed to like purple.

"Hey, Steve! Looking good!" Tony laughed.

"Hi, Tony. I have something for you." Steve replied. Tony had just realised that Steve was holding a box. Tony hugged Steve, hoping it wasn't awkward, then thanked him.

"Don't open it yet." Steve suggested.

"Oh, okay." Tony replied with another small laugh. He seemed much more happy while Steve was around. Tony showed Steve around the house, and explained to him that the guest room wasn't ready to be slept in yet- obviously forcing Steve to sleep on the same bed as Tony. (Tony was happy about that.)

Finally, Tony and Steve got to the bathroom. Steve was surprised as how big and stylish it was.

"...And you can borrow some of my clothes if you didn't bring any for a shower." Tony ended.

"Thanks, because I didn't." Steve replied, and laughed as Tony did.

Tony and Steve did a lot of stuff together. They played pool, which Tony helped teach to Steve, they watched TV, they laughed at some funny videos, they ate dinner, (which was surprisingly good- Tony didn't think Steve could cook, and he did like the fact that Steve wore the tight "Kiss the Cook" apron.) and they made some cool gadgets in Tony's lab.

"Add that final piece to the end," Tony said, teaching Steve to make an easy Walkie-Talkie. "and you're done."

"Wow, that was easier than I thought," Steve said. "Have you ever made anything easier than this?"

"A spoon, accidentally." Tony laughed.

Finally, it was time for showers, then bed. As Steve walked to the bathroom, Tony followed him.

"Tony, I sort of have to take my shower." Steve said, noticing Tony at the bathroom doorway.

"Oh, it's a big shower. I was going to suggest we kill some time by taking a shower at the same time. There's two shower heads and everything." Tony said.

"Sorry, but I'm not quite comfortable being naked and wet in front of another man. Heh." Steve finally said.

Naked and wet. Tony thought of that again for a minute, and then said "okay" and left. Tony was a bit upset now, thinking Steve wasn't gay. He sat on his bed and thought about Steve, and how they were never going to be. He cried for a few minutes, and then realised he'd left his phone in the bathroom. He walked to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

"Yeah?" Steve asked.

"I left my phone in there, I have to get it." Tony replied, his voice obviously giving away the fact that he'd just been crying.

"Come in." Steve said. Tony walked in, and could see the blur of Steve's body through the warped-glass shower walls. He'd wished the glass hadn't been warped, so he could've seen more clearly.

"Tony, are you okay? You sound like you've been crying." Steve asked. 

"Oh, no, it's nothing." Tony grabbed his phone and left. Once Steve had finished his shower, he grabbed some of Tony's underwear and dried off in the next room. Tony took his shower, then did the same as Steve. He walked back to his bedroom, where Steve was looking at himself in the body mirror.

Once Tony stepped in, he almost had an orgasm at the sight of Steve. They were both in one room. Together. Only in underwear, which were both Tony's pairs. Tony's underwear was so tight on Steve that it skinned up against his ass. Tony quickly got into the bed and under the covers to hide his boner. He couldn't wait for Steve to come to the bed- and maybe fall asleep before he did.




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