Gay Fanfics of Couples that are on my mind

Whenever I think of two random famous guys or characters being a gay couple, I will write a hot, NSFW story about what they’ll do in their free time. I’ll also have a romantic one here and there. NSFW short stories will be label’d with (N). Have fun reading!


1. Tony and Steve – 1 (N)

Tony Stark stood in the shower, thinking about you-know-who. (If not, Steve/Captain America.) He thought such dirty things about him and Steve, he could hardly ever be in public without somebody seeing his boner. He felt so stupid and gay for being like this, but he knew it was permanent. He was gay, and Pepper was just his beard. Tony started to think of what Steve looked like naked- though he'd never seen that.

He sweet, wet, tanned skin... his big, round, strong, hairless ass... his big, long cock... Tony couldn't control himself. He grabbed his penis and rubbed back and forth as he thought of Steve being in the shower with him.

"Ohh, yeah..." Tony said, quietly, but out loud. He imagined Steve rubbing his big cock on Tony's ass, and started to moan. Then, he stopped, and he stared at the wall of the shower.

"That's never going to happen." He thought. So he stood there, sad for a few minutes, and then got out of the shower. He was glad he didn't have that big, glowing, metal series of wires in himself any more. He hated the feeling of it, and now he could see his penis as he looked down at it without being glowed in the face. As he walked through the halls of his house, he tried to be as quiet as he could. Didn't want to wake Pepper. Since she'd been asleep, though, Tony decided to wander around the house naked. She was a heavy sleeper.

Tony got down to his lab and spoke to Jarvis.

"Hey, buddy, Jarvis, remind me when Steve is coming over?" He said.

"Yes, sir, Steve will be coming over tomorrow night." Jarvis replied.

"Jarvis, you forgot something."

"Oh, yes, sir, Pepper will not be home."

Tony grinned.

"Great! Alone with Steve, my fantasy!" He laughed. Tony sat down on his cold, metal lab table. He jumped a bit at the sensitivity to the metal on his butt. He lied down, and stared at the ceiling, smiling.

"All alone with Steve."

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