Gay Fanfics of Couples that are on my mind

Whenever I think of two random famous guys or characters being a gay couple, I will write a hot, NSFW story about what they’ll do in their free time. I’ll also have a romantic one here and there. NSFW short stories will be label’d with (N). Have fun reading!


8. Finnick and Gale - 2 (N)

When Finnick was finished with his shower, Gale stood at the doorway of his room. Finnick walked out of the bathroom, and Gale couldn't help but stare.

Look at that beautiful six-pack, Gale thought. The water beads all over Finnick's abs made him look forty percent hotter, and Gale couldn't control himself. He tried as hard as he could not to touch Finnick as he walked past him, into the bathroom. 

Later, when Gale had finished his shower, it was time for them to go to bed. Gale walked into his bedroom, and saw Finnick getting ready for bed.

As Finnick took off his sweatpants, revealing his maroon underwear, Gale stared.

"Hey, Gale. Uh, do you mind me sleeping in my underwear? I do it all the time, heh." Finnick said. Gale thought of all of the dirty things he could do to Finnick's body, and then snapped out of it.

"Uh, yeah, sure. I sleep in my underwear, too." Gale looked down and realized he was still wrapped in a towel, and wet. He looked at Finnick, and tried to keep himself modest.

"Hey, I need to get dried off and get my underwear on. Would you mind?"

"Don't worry, I won't look." Finnick answered, even though he was completely lying. As Gale got dried off, Finnick couldn't help but peek. Gale's body was nice. He had nice abs, a round, good-looking ass, and a long, thick cock. Finnick squealed in his head, and then Gale put on his underwear, and hopped into the bed.

"You know, come to think of it, I'm actually not that tired. Heh." Gale said.

"Yeah, me neither." Finnick replied. He went under the covers and stared at Gale's private area, and then Gale went under.

"I thought you said you weren't tired!" Gale said, tackling Finnick and jumping on top of him. He pinned Finnick's arms down, and they both laughed, and started fighting on the bed. While they fought, Gale purposely stuck his leg in between Finnick's. He could feel Finnick getting hard.

"Hey, stop that!" Finnick said, trying to push Gale's leg away.

"What's wrong?" Gale said. Finnick laughed, and then rolled on top of Gale, pinning him down like Gale had done to him. They both just sat there in silence, staring into each other's eyes. Then, without being able to control himself, Finnick lowered himself down and pressed his lips against Gale. Then, he shot up and gasped.

"Oh, god! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done that!" Finnick started to get off of Gale, but then Gale pulled him back on.

"It's okay." Gale said, forcing Finnick to kiss him again.

Finnick was wondering where this was gonna go.

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