Gay Fanfics of Couples that are on my mind

Whenever I think of two random famous guys or characters being a gay couple, I will write a hot, NSFW story about what they’ll do in their free time. I’ll also have a romantic one here and there. NSFW short stories will be label’d with (N). Have fun reading!


7. Finnick and Gale - 1 (N)



Finnick O'dair sat down in Gale's house, looking around. He realized the lack of decoration, and sort of liked it better back where he lived. He didn't care, though. He was here to see Gale, and he actually thought Gale was pretty sexy.


Gale walked into the room, and smiled at Finnick.

Damn, he's cute, Finnick thought.

"Hey, Finn," Gale said. "Thanks for stopping by. I've been waiting for us to meet up for a while."

"Well, I was happy that I could come. Some relaxing time to be with a friend would be good for me." Finnick replied.

"I have a bunch of stuff planned, Finnick. I hope you'll like all of this." Gale tossed a fishing rod to Finnick. Finnick didn't recognize this kind of fishing rod- he was more used to modern, automatic ones.

Once they got to the lake, Gale threw his hook in right away. Finnick checked himself out while Gale was distracted.

I hope Gale likes these sweatpants. I chose the tightest pair.

Gale looked back at Finnick.

"You fishing or what?" He asked. Finnick looked at the rod in his hands.

"Uh, well, I don't really know how to use a fishing rod like this." Gale laughed.

"You come from the District of Fishing! How do you not know?"

"Well, I usually use more modern, automatic fishing rods." Gale stood up, and walked over to Finnick, standing behind him. Gale placed his hand on top of Finnick's, and pressed his body against his.

His cock is rubbing against my ass... Finnick thought. Finnick looked down, and realized he had a raging hard-on. He tried to tuck it between his legs, and listened to Gale as he instructed him, showing him the movements and such. Once Gale was done helping Finnick, he went back to fishing. Finnick went over Gale's instructions in his head, and felt a bite. Finnick yelled as he pulled, and Gale ran over, helping him pull.

Once they'd finished, Finnick had caught three and Gale had caught five. For the rest of the day, Finnick and Gale ate at a restaurant, watched a movie, and went hunting. Finnick was exhausted by the end of the day, and he was glad they were home.

"I'm taking a shower, and then going to bed." Finnick told Gale as they walked back into the house. Gale shrugged, and told Finnick he would take a shower after him. As Finnick took his clothes off in the bathroom, he didn't realize that Gale was watching him through the lock hole.

Yeah, get naked, I want to see it all... Gale thought, as he rubbed his erection through his pants. Once Finnick turned around, Gale saw his big, round ass and long, thick cut cock. Gale's cock got harder and harder, and he felt as if he couldn't control himself.

I think tonight's the night I'm gonna try it, Gale thought, biting his lip. He couldn't wait to be sleeping on the same bed as Finnick.

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