My name, Zoey. My life? Do you really want the details? Well, lets say. That when i touch water. Not like, shower water, sink water etc, Only lake water, ocean water, pond water etc does something happend to me. I change. My physical presence isn't what it was. I'm like.... a water ghost. And I have two lifes to live. and i can choose.
Air and human life. Or Water and ghost life.

Both seem great. Both seem wonderful. But one, one, is the one that will pull me in and keep me there forever. or so i thought.


1. Introduction:

"Zoey! Get your ass down here!" My dad yelled.

I slowly floated out of my bed and swam over to my mirror. Another day in the Pacific Ocean with my dad, brother and cousin. Another day not knowing if i'll finally be able to see my mother. Or if i can go to a air-world school. Meet people who don't change when their body touches water. Meet people who aren't always caught up in drama with your dad, who's the leader of the Warriter group. An underwater group of people who fight to save their lives, and others lifes too. I don't like this. And i never will.

"Zoey!" My dad yelled again.

"Im coming calm your damn tits." I yelled back.

I swam down our stairs, which there is no need to have if you can swim.

"What 'master'" I said sarcasticly.

"Your going to go stay with your mother for a few years." He said sady.

"Why are you so sad about that dad? This is awesome! I finally get to actually leave this, this, hell hole we call an ocean."

"Because my baby girl is going away." he cried.

"Oh shut your trap dad. you dont give two shits where i am or where i go." I reminded.

"Just go." He demanded.

"Yessir." I laughed.

"Finally." i whispered to myself.

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