Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


20. Your mine and only mine dont ever forget that

Ouch... What was that for? She asked. For grabbing my Boyfriends dick. Thats what for I yelled Jusitn had a smile on his face. He walked us back to our seats. We got back and it was a break so I was hoping that no one got it on camera. That was super adorable... how you stuck up for me like that. Justin said letting a smile leave his face. Well no one is going to touch you like but me as long as we are a couple...... Your mine and only mine dont ever forget that. I kissed him. We finished out the night.



***** *** Went to Justin's House******* *******

A few days later Justin and I had gotten matching p.ajamas. They were purple that said Aye he's mine and Aye She's mine. I was staying at his house tonight and he wannted us to wear them tonight.

They can you guys turn around so I can change I asked Justin, Alfredo and Lil Za. Of course anything for Justins boooooo Alfredo said holding to ooooo part. They looked the other way and I started to change I could see Justin trying to look at me in the coner of his eye  so I blew him a kiss he put his hand out as if he was trying to catch it and he put his hand to his mouth. Awww I heard someone say behind me. I hurryed and put my shrit on and looked. I saw Lil Twist standing there. Couldnt you not see I was changing I joked. He laughted. Ummm You were watching my girl change Justin asked? Uhh hold up man its not like she was totally naked Twist said. Yeah but she's a good girl not one of you whores you always bring over here. Whatever he said walking away.

 I looked at Justin. Hey It was okay I didnt care I said. He walked up to me holding me close to him. Well no one is going to touch you like but me as long as we are a couple...... Your mine and only mine dont ever forget that He said looking in my eyes I smiled real big and gave him a kiss which he made into a make out. Our tounges met and they moved like they were in insync. Justin picked me up still kissing me and brought me to the couch with me on top. I put my hands through his hair. Well has that weather Alfredo said loudly. I stoped kissing him and sat next to him laughing so hard I couldnt breathe. Gosh Breathe Baby Justin laughed.

So what do you guys want to do Lil Za said. Justin looked at me and said I noticed we havent took any picture so far. I know I love taking pictures I looked at him Well lets do that then Alfredo said. We all pulled out our phones and took pictures with our tounges out then One with us doing duck faces. Justin pulled me a side and Kissed my check and said smile I looked down and smiled while he kissed my check to take the picture. He stood behind me and we both smiled while he took another picture. Aye Fredo will you take a picture of Bella and I showing our pjs? Yes of course I stood by Justin and Alfredo took the picture. Justin grabed his phone from Alfredo and went on instagram adding the photos. The One's of all of us He put " hangin with these crazy kids" The one's of us he put " Okay Beliebers this is my new girl friend. Im crazy about her and would really like it if you guys didnt hate on her. She means a lot to me and has done a lot to keep me happy. I really think that she is the one for me. But dont worry you guys still mean the world to me Love you Beliebers:) " I looked at him What if they dont like me I asked Justin looked down not knowing what to say Then he kissed me My true Beliebers will love you because you make me happy. I smiled and cuddle up to him and fell fast asleep.

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