Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


12. will you be my girlfriend?

    We pulled up to my house. I got out of the car and walked up to my front door and waited for my mom. She always locks the door but she takes forever to get out of the car. Can you throw me the keys I want to go inside i yelled puting my arms up in a catching position. She threw me the keys and I walked inside. I went stright up the stairs to my room. I hate going a day without taking a shower it bugs me. I went to my closet. Its a walk-in one. I wouldnt say my parents are rich they just make a fair amount of money. I went over to wear I hang up my shrits and grabed a rolling stones cut of and a red tank top to go under it. I got red shorts and red toms to finish off the outfit. I walked out of the closet and went into my bathroom. I undressed and got into the shower turning on my radio before. I love the feeling of hot water running through my hair and down my back. I washed my hair and washed my body with proactive. I sat their for a little bit thinking about things that had happend. Did Justin call me his girlfriend? He didnt ask me to be. How does he know that I want to be, well I mean I do its just wired we just met yesterday. I think to much in the shower. I pulled a white towel off my towel rack. I wraped it around my body and climbed out. I hate how after I take a shower and the mirror is always foggy. How does it do that anyway. I put on my clothes and wiped off the mirror. My makeup bag is always sitting on the edge of my sink. I pulled out my eyeliner and started to apply it. Followed by my masscara. To finish off my outfit I applied bright red lip stick. On some girls it looks wired but I think it looks alright on me. I ran out of my bathroom and jumped on my bed grabing the note Justin had given to me. Should I text him? What if he changed his mind?........... I grabed my phone off of my night stand and programed His numer Justin!<3. I started to text him.

Me- Heyy its Bella.

Justin- Ayye girl. Wat u doin?

Me- Laying on my bed. How about you?

Justin- Can I join you? and thinking about the most beautiful girl beside my Beliebers.

Me- No one is going to stop you ;) and who might that be?

Justin- Ohh ;) read my last message the four word will tell you the answer! ;)

I read the four letter without even thinking. It read you. I started to blush could he be any sweeter!

Justin- Aye what are you uh doing right now I want to take you some where.

Me- Nothing. Do you want met you?

Justin- Nah I will pick you up. where you live?

I sent Justin my address and ran to the bathroom to striaghten my hair. I put a tiny bow on the right side of my hair and went to the front door to wait for him.


It was about 15 mins. before I heard a knock at the door. I waite about 40 seconds before I opened it so it wasnt like I was waiting for him.

You ready he asked with a handsome smile. Yes I giggles. He bit his bottom lip. gosh I loved when he did that. He walked around to the passenger door and opened it for me. I smiled and got in. He ran to the other side and jumping in. He pulled away from my house and was driving to what looked to be the beach. I love the beach.


We arrived at the beach. We got out and started walking toward the water..... We got about to the sand when Justin looked down and grabed my hand. I looked down at our hands and looked at him. I didnt even think about it I started to kiss him. At first he didnt do anything but sit their but then he started to kiss me back. He layed me down so he was on top. He licked my bottom lip I opened my mouth and our tounges met. We made out for about 20 mins. When he started to take my clothes off. He started with my shrit I put my arms in the air to help him out a little bit. the he slowly move his hands down my ribs making his way to my shorts. He undid the button and sild my shorts to my ancles. He then kissed his way down to the lineing of my underwear and pulled them off with his teeth. Then started to undress himself. When he got done he carefully put his part into mine. slowly moving inside of me getting faster with thrust. A small moan left my mouth. He laughed a little. It lastest about 3 mins. When we heard someone walking. It took us a mintue to realize where we were. I quickly pushed him off and start pulling my clothes back on. He did the same.

I cannot believe we just did that in public! I laughed

Well believe it cause we did and I loved every single second of it. Thanks He smiled.

I bent down and kissed his lips but this time the people we heard walking jumped out of the bush and it was not just people it was papparzzi. I screamed because they scared the living shit out of me. I almost peed my pants. Justin grabed my hand and started to pull me to his car. We hurryed and jumped in and started to drive down the road trying to lose them.

I mm Soo sorry. I understand if you cant talk to me anymore. I looked him in his beautiful brown eyes. Hey its not your fault and Im not mad at all. I dont care. I like you and I dont care if the world knows. I want to be with you and hold you everyday. I know I didnt offical ask you so will you do me the  honor and be my girlfriend?

It took me a mintue but I screamed Yes and layed a kiss on his lips.


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