Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


7. The meeting

       I was very nevous when Kenny came to get me to bring me to a room. Grant was following behind. We walked down a long hall way and came to a white door that read Justin Bieber on a gold square paper. Kenny knocked and said Its Kenny in a strong voice. Justin pulled open the door about 20 seconds later. We walked in and sat on a couch Justin sat in a chair in front of me.

You know just because you win the X-factor doent mean you will get signed to a lable right? Justin looked me stright in my eyes. Yes I understand this I was just hoping that someone would see me and sign me. I repiled

Well I heard you and would like to sign you but I have to talk to Scooter and we will have to talk to your mom and we will have to go through a long process. It will take sometime. Justin said this as Scooter walked into the room and looked at me and smile wide.

Who may you be? he questioned Im Isabella but you can call me bella I repiled in a quiet tone. What has Justin brought you in here for? Well... I started to say but Justin cut me off. Scooter can I talk to you in the hall for a second? Yes of course as this was said Justin and Scooter walked out into the hall.

My phone went off. I looked at it and It wa a text from my mom

Mom- Where are you?

Me- Justin invite me to talk to him after the concert.

Mom- Umm Okay well I need to know when you ready to leave so I can take you back to the hotel so I can go home.

Me- Okay he went in to the hall let me talk to him and I will tell you whats going on okay?

I put my phone down and Justin walked into the room.

I have a concert here tomorrow and we cant make any phone calls tonight but we are going to try to sign you. So you guys can stay with me tonight or you can come up here tomorrow? but the only thing before we talk about this any futher you have to quit the X-Factor. He said. I looked at him with tears in my eyes and replied Yes I will quit and thanks soo much for giving me a chance this is a dream come true. and I would like to stay with you I want to spend much time with you as possible. If that s Okay. I dont want to leave. I looked at Grant. What do you want to do. I asked I would like to stay as well Grant replied.

We both looked at Justin He smiled and said Well Lets go to my tour bus while grabing my hand.

I looked down and started to blush then turned to look at Grant he was frowning. What was his deal? Was he upset that Justin didnt grab his hand? Maybe hes gay? or could he be...... no he couldnt......was he......Jealous?

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