Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


13. The house

 We pulled up to Justin's house. It was huge! I mean it looked like 10 high school put into one with another school to the left. He drove his car onto the driveway. He told me to stay put so I did as I was told. He ran doing a tiny dance over to my side of the car and he opened the door pointing to the house.

I...Im going in I asked. Yes of course you are I want to spend as much time with my beautiful girlfriend as possible he shoot me a huge smile showing his teeth. I got out and he open his house door with a password lock. I walked in and I was in the kitchen. I was to familar faces. Sitting at the table eating was Little Twist and Fredo.

Who is the lovely young lady? a fan? Little Twist question. Uhh Noo she my..uh haha my new girlfriend. Her names Bella. Little Twist and Fredos mouth dropped.

How old is she? Fredo said looking at Justin. She 15 and I dont care what you have to say Its a five year difference and I really like her now it your noodles and dont say another word Justin yelled. Come on lets go to my room.

We walked through the kitchen to huge spiral stairs. We walked all the way up them and down a long hallway and the first door to the right. The first thing I saw was a giant bed. Justin ran and jumped on it and winked at me.

Come join me? He said with a sexy look on his face. Umm ooookaaay... No I joked. He gave me a puppy dog face so I ran and jumped on his bed landing right next to him.

Hi he smiled. Hi I replied. He layed a small kiss on my lips. Then another then another then another soon we were full on making out. He got on top of my rubbing his hands on my legs. I ran my hand through his hair.He started to kiss down my neck taking off my shirt. Then my shorts. I looked at his shirt and he smiled.

Take my clothes off with your teeth he moaned. I did as I was told but real slowly looking deep into his eyes. He pulled a condom out from his side table. He slid it on and then put his length into me. He started slow so it wouldnt hurt me. Then got faster with every push. The bed frame made a lot of nosie. I was sure they could hear it from down stairs but I didnt care. He got faster and faster I couldnt take it anymore a small moan left my mouth He laughed a little. Then he let a loud one out. He looked down at me and said Can you do me a favor? in between breaths. Yes I said exhausted what is it.? I like when girls scream my name durning intercourse. Will you please he smiled. I shoot him and smile and scream Justin....... Jusitn Ohh Justin..................Justin. I couldnt do it anymore I ran out of breath. He finally came to a stop. He pulled out and layed next to me I turned to look him in the eyes.

Thanks your so amazing. You know that right. Justin said not leaving my eyes. What are we supposed to do. Your over age and Im under. If anyone knew what just happend you could go to jail. I asked. Bella listen for one its not bad if you want to be with me as well.I dont care what anyone says if I like a girl I like her.  and plus in one of my interviews I was asked what kind of girls I liked and I said girls that were born from 1992-1999 and you were born in 1999 right he questioned Yes I smiled. See everythings fine but we have a big day tomorrow so lets get some sleep. He shut off the light and cuddle me as close to him as possible and we both fell fast asleep.

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