Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


5. The concert

         I deiced to take ex boyfriend with me to the concert because he was a huge fan. HIs name is Grant. His hair is short on the sides and long on top so he can spike it. He was totally handsome. He doesnt have the biggest musles but he has some rocking abs though. I tell my self that Im over her but I really dont think Im. I remember our first date.


I woke up a little early because today is my first date with Grant. I have waited a year and three months for this. I was always so invisable to him. He was caught but on this girl named Jordan. She prettier, skinny, her parents had more money, and she was way more popular than me but  I know for a fact I love him more than she ever will.

I heard a knock at the door....It was him I felt instant butterflies. I took a quick look at my outfit. I had on a One Directioin shrit with red shinny jeans and toms. I curled my hair. I slowy walked down stairs and open the door. Their he was lookin finer than ever. He had a dozen roses for me.

Hello, Are you ready to go beautiful? He smriked

Yes of course Im I blushed

We walked to his dads truck and got in the back. His dad was very friendly he talked the whole way to the skating rink. When we finally arrived Grant open the door and put out his hand to help me out. I blushed again of course. Him just looking at me made me blush.

We walked in and he paid for us. I tried to pay for my self but he pushed the money back to me and said Im the guy I pay.


We got our skates and had a great converstion going when he wrapped his arms around my waisted pulling me as close to him a possible. after going a few times around he pulled me to the side and we got off the rank. He took me out side. It was a beautiful night.

Ummm where are we going? I asked

To a place where we can be alone. This night is about us. He said flashing me the cutest smile ever. Gosh I love him so much.

He took me to the back of the building and sat me down on the grass.

Bella you know I you have liked me for a long time. I remember looking at you in school and seeing the pain in your eyes when you saw me. Trust me it hurt me  looking in your eyes. I did like you and I still do its just Jordan had me in a gaze.but trust me I know that you are better than her. I cant be with a cold hard bitch like her. Your different. Your beautiful, sweet, and way better than her. Grant said this with such a strong tone. I loved the sound of his voice. I went to say somthing and he stopped me before I got the first word out. He pushed his lips up to mine slowly kissing me. It was slow at first and with ever kiss It got more stronger. He licked my bottom lip asking permission of course I let him. Our tongues met and a rush went through my body.



We pulled up to the front of the quest center. I heard the screams of the girls and I start to scream. I jumped out of the car and got in line. The line was huge but I didnt care. I was on floor one right in front of the stage. This was going to be the best day of my life.

I super excited Grant said to me.

Yes me too. This is a dream come true words cant express how I feel right now. I replied.



We finally were inside and Fredo came out to introduce Justin

When I say Justin you say Bieber he shouted

Justin he yelled

The crowd yelled louder Bieber





We did this about 7 more times Then we heard Your beautiful beautiful and Justin came down with his angle wings. I never saw someone more perfect so handsome. My eyes filled with tears as he came to the ground he looked right at me and pointed. I couldnt breath anylonger. He sung alomost every song from Believe. The a girl came and grabed my arm and whisperd in my ear.

Do you want to be the One Less Loney Girl.........................


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