Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


32. Telling Justin.

Bella's P.O.V.

When I went home my mom started scream at me and flipping out. Saying how I was only fifteen. I went up stairs and packed my stuff. I was leaving she never understood anything. I know it was bad but I couldnt take it. All the test came out postive. Every single one. I was so scared and I couldnt take it. I called Justin and he got me a flight. I told my mom and she freaked out. but Im going anyway. I mean I would be leaving tomorrow. She couldnt stop me from going because it was my job I needed to be there. It was my caree. I finished packing. My friends were going home today to. I went out to the car and we were on our way. I told my mom I loved her before leaving. I know she will come around. She was a teen when she had me to but I'm only 15 so I think that she is scared. My birthday is in a month so I will be 16 soon but thats really bad still. I'm to young to have a baby. I havent told Justin yet I want to tell him in person.


We pulled up to the airport. There was paps and fans everywere. They dont know yet either. No one knows but my mom, my friends and I Oh and Pattie I called her right away. She was so understanding. We got of the car. I sighned things and took pictures with fans. but this time for the first time I ignored the paps. I never do. All they want is pictures. It took 30 mintues just to get in to the airport. So we had to run to our gate. We got there and I said by because we had to go on different flights. I was crying and freaking out. I hate flying. I got on the plane and fell asleep I havent sleep in a while.

******* In New York************

My plane landed. So I texted Justin right away. He texted back and said that he saw my plane I got my carry on and left. I walked out of the plane and My ears were in pain. I walked out and saw Jusitn tears fell from my eyes. I ran to him and he opened his arms and I jumped up on him wrapping my legs around him and he spun me around. " Hey babe " He said with a smile. I layed a kiss upon his lips. " Hey " I smiled. He put me down and I picked up my bag. He put his hand around my wasit and started walking us in the way to the car.        " did you fix whatever you needed to?" I asked " Huh Kinda " I laughed. We walked outside and fans were screaming me fought through the crowd and he had Alfredo drive his White Ferrari out there so he had somthing to drive. He went through the passangers seat because paps were all around his car and that was the only way in. He grabbed my suite case and put it in the back. I then jumped in the passanger seat. He started his car but the paps were surrounded the car and were taking pictures and it was dark so it was blinding. " Justin just go they will move " I said " I cant I dont want to hit one " He put his hand in front of his eyes. " I cant see ". The paps started to bang on the car all over. I was kind of getting scared.They got louder pounding. It seemed like the windeos were going to break. " Justin Just go " I yelled " Okay " He hit the gas and they all moved out of the way. He didnt even hit one. Invented sex came on the radio so I started to sing it to Justin like I always sing to him:

" Girl you going to think x4 When I pull back them sheets and you climb on top of me. Girl you going to think x4 I invented sex......." He looked at me and laughed. His brown eyes always made me feel special. I always melt when he looks in my eyes. " Your so sexy when you sing that song " I could see his bulge. He put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing. It felt wonderful.

We pulled up to a hotel and he went through the back and parked in a special parking spot that was blocked with walls. We snuck through and went to our room. I sat my stuff down then sat on the bed. " Justin we need to talk " " Okay what is it? " Umm you might want to sit down ". He took a sit right next to me I grabbed his hand. " Im pregnant" Justin looked down and tears started to form in his eyes. He stood up and put his hands on his head and started walking back and forth. " I cant believe this..... What I'm I going.... I have a tour..... Omg ...... I cant.... " I looked down and started to cry. he looked at me and sat next to me. He grabed my hands. He put his hands on my chin bringing it up to his face so I could see his eyes. He looked at me in my eyes and I looked back in his. " Bella no matter what happends I will be by your side and will hold you through it all I love you and I love this baby" He leaned down and kissed my belly. " I love you too. I told your mom so she knows. but not Scooter " " Shit " Justin Yelled. He grabbed his phone and called Scooter told him that the whole crew needed to come into his room now.


About 15 mintues later everyone was in our room Scooter, Pattie, Ryan, Alfredo, Allison, Scrappy, His dancers everyone. " What's all this about Justin?" Scooter asked. Justin went to say somthing but he couldnt. " Uhh " I looked at everone. " Im pregnaunt..... " Everyone gasped. " And Justin he is the dad? " Scooter asked. Justin looked at him " huh Yes sir." Scooter looked at me then at Justin. " Justin Bathroom Now!" Scooter yelled. We watch them go into the bathroom. " Justin god damn you. Do you know what a condom is? She is fifteen. Her body isnt ready for a baby. I thought we had a deal when you started dating her No sex. Rememeber?" Scooter yelled. Pattie and Allison came and sat next to me hugging me. " Hey everything will be okay. Scooter is just up set. He is concerned about you and your body this can hurt you bad." Allison said hugging me. I started to cry. Pattie started to laugh         " Bella you are going to start to cry a lot. Your going to get wired craveings and you will have wired mood swings" she said still laughing I started laughing. Justin and Scooter came out of the bathroom. Justin was crying. " We need to think of somthing" Scooter said walking back and forth. The fans will go crazy. " Huh just dont tell them for a while " Alfredo Said. " Haha " Pattie laughed. " This isnt funny. She is pregnant." Scooter said. " Thats it you guys cant share a room! " Scooter continued. " Hahah Your not being fo' real the girl is already knocked up! " Alfredo started laughing " Yeah what is that going to do" Allison laughed. " Scooter you need to calm down. Your going to freak Bella out and you cant freak her out" Pattie yelled. " They need to get some sleep everyone out " Pattie yelled. Everyone obyed even Scooter Pattie gave the both of us a kiss and walked out. We got into pj's and jumped into bed. I layed next to Justin. I put my head on Justins chest. He pulled me to his side and put his strong arms around me. " I'm scared" I looked up at Justin " dont be Babe I love you so much and We are in this togther rememeber." I smiled and kissed him. He kissed back. He sung baby in my ear until I fell asleep.

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