Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


38. shopping

Bella's P.O.V.

               The tour has became really stressful. I mean being on a tour bus ful of boys and all they do is blast music it seems like a traveling rock concert. I dont mind it most of the time but I mean I'm 5 months pregnant and I do want some quiet. but I'm glad that we are on our way home for a break for my birthday. My birthday is tomorrow and I will be 16 I'm so excited. Justin wannted to do tons of things but I told him not to do anything to big. We pulled up to the house and I grabbed my bags and got out. I was getting car sick for the first time ever. I got to the door and there was a dozen roses on the porch. I picked them up and there was a tag on them it said " Bella I love your voice and your very beautiful and I would love to do a duet with you call me sometime - Austin Mahone." I smiled at this because it was really sweet of him. I walked in and sat my bags down and go a vase with water in it and put the flowers in it. " Those are pretty where did they come from?" Justin asked I smiled even more " Huh from Austin " Justin looked at the card " A duet?" I laughed " Yeah but I mean I would love to do one with him but I just have a lot going on right now." Justin hugged me from be hind placing his hands on my belly.  " Yeah My angles dont need anymore stress" I just laughed.

" Hey love birds you guys gotta go shoppin " Alfredo came in throwing Justin's bags down he took more bags than I did. " Huh Yeah we need to get the babies room done before we leave again. Alfredo agreed to paint the babies room while we go shopping I Picked up pink for the babies walls" I said leaving Justin's arms.  " Okay lets go".


We were in the car so I pluged in my phone to the radio. I hate listen to the regular radio. I don't like listening to them talk at all. I hit it first by Ray J came on. I love that song I can remember when Justin and I went back to plattsmouth I had a giant party and that was the first song Justin and I danced togther.

*************************** Flashback *****************************************

Justin and I took a break and went to Plattsmouth so I could see my friends before we had to start working again. It was great to see them again. I bought a house here so that when I come back I have somewhere to stay and when My cousin wants to have a party he can. I have aranged for all my friends and who ever they want to come to a party tonight. I had tons of food and drinks.


Everyone was dancing and I wannted to dance but I wannted Justin to come with me but I couldnt find him anywhere.

Hey there Beautiful are you lookin for me? somone put their hand over my eyes. I could tell it was Justin from his voice. " Yes " I said turning into his arms. " Wanna go dance?" He asked leading me to the living room where everyone is like he knew for sure I was going to say yes. " Huh I guess" I laughed. Just then I hit it first came on. It's one of my favorite songs so for course I started to dance crazy. I love danceing and not caring what people think. Just then Grant came to dance with me. We use to dance all the time when we were togther. " Hey I missed dancing with you" Grant grabed my wasit and pulled me close to him. I just laughed. I'm only good at dirty dancing. I mean yeah its a bad thing I just cant flip and dance all hip hoppy. So I think since I can move my body why not do it? " I thought you were dancing with me" I heard Justin say in my hear. I put my arms around his neck and started to dance with him. Grant said somthing in his ear but I didnt hear it. all I heard was Justin say " Yo fuck you I hit it first she might have been with you first but I fucked her first." I just laughed he used a reffence to the song what a loser.

******************************   End of Flash back *******************************

We pulled up to the store and got out. He grabbed my hand and we walked into the store. We walked in and went stright to the cribs. I let him pick it out.   

I got to pick out the bed set. It was really pretty. We got a pink chandelier to got over her bed.  We went and got tons of bottles even though I already bought tons. Next was clothes which was the fun part. we  got tons of cute little outfits. The outfit we got for her to go home in is a shirt that says my dad is a lifesaver. I think that it was for like a doctor or like a firefighter but what no one knows is I used to be bullied and I though that the only way they would be to be dead so I used to cut my self but everytime I heard Justin's name or heard him or even saw a picture of him it remined me that you have to believe. And that things will get better in time. I picked that shirt out because Justin is my life saver. He saved my life tons of times and still does.


Everyone was looking at us with a wired look because everyone knows now that I actully I'm pregnant. I mean it's all over the news, it's on almost ever single magazine but I don't care because I love Justin more than anything.



We Went home and Alfredo was done painting. He had Lil Twist and Lil Za help.. They still lived there which I didnt like. I mean it's not that I dont like them it's just we have a baby on the way and they always have parties and strippers and stuff at the house and a baby doesnt need to be around that kind of stuff. I mean a party is a wonderful thing and I'm  not going to stop Justin from having them I just dont want them everynight like they are now. Justin and I started to carry things in. We got done and I went stright for the frige I was hungry. Pattie should be here any mintue she is going to make us dinner tonight.

I grabbed pickles and choclate frosting. I dipped the pickles in the frosting. " That looks so good" Alfredo said in a teasing way. " Leave her alone if she is carving that let her eat it." Pattie said. I put my pickle down and went to give her a hug. " Is she going to eat wired stuff a lot?" Justin asked Pattie " Justin she is going to do wired things because being pregnant does that to you. but you can't stress her out. So I'm telling all of you boys if she asked you to do something you say yes and do it Okay?" All the boys agreed. Gosh I love her. The boys listen to her too because they know better not to. Justin went up to the babys room to put the bed and stuff togther. I snuck up there to watch him. I love seeing him put a huge effort in to this situation and it was kind of funny watching him trying to put it togther. When I first found out that I was pregnant I didnt think that he was ready but this last month he has changed my mind major. I have full trust in him now. And I'm ready to start a family with him.............



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