Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


48. Say my name.

Bella's P.O.V.

I havent seen or talked to Justin in a few days. I was back in Eurpoe on my tour. I was having a hard time. I missed him. Austin has been keeping me busy though.

" Hey Bella " Austin said sitting on the couch next to me. " Is Emma sleeping?" He smiled " Yes" before I could say another word he pushed his lips against mine. I kissed him back. We made out for about 5 mins when I climed on top of him and started to take off his shirt then helped him with mine. I took off his pants and his boxers. His dick was big but Justins was bigger which was kind of dissapointing but I kept going . I grabbed his length and started to rub up and down. I could hear him moan. I looked up at him an he threw his head back. I rubbed faster adn faster. I finally kissed the top of is penis and then put the whole thing in my mouth. I put the whole thing in my mouth moving my head up and down. His moans got louder. " Belllllaa" I smiled and moaned as well. He grabbed my head and pushed down. His length is hit the back of my throut. I started to gag and Austin wouldnt stop. Finally I threw my head up and started his kiss him again. He rolled us over so he was on top. He took of my pants and my underwear and started to kiss down to my boobs. He kissed my left on and was rubbing my right. I moaned with pleaser. He then we down to my down stairs area and pulled my legs a part. He started to eat me out. I grabbed on to his hair pulling it a bit. " ouch" He said " oh sorry" I didnt understand what he wannted me to do. Justin liked rough sex I mean we broke the bed 6 times. He stoped and came back up and started to kiss me again. " can you just please go inside of me?" I asked He nodded and slowly slid into me. He got faster and faster. I put my legs around his waist so he could get deeper. I could hear him moan. " Say my naaameme" Austin moaned. "Austin" I said quietly. " louder"  he demaned " Auusstiin" I moan just a little louder. " Scream it " He demaned " Ohh Justttiinnn" Screamed..... Austin pulled out. "" He said inbetween breaths " huh on acciented I didnt mean to." Austin got off of me. " Were you thinking about Justin the whole time?" Austin asked I looked down " Bella dont lie to me. " I looked up at him "  Yeah butt " he cut me off " there is no but about it. I'm going to the back of the bus." Austin got dressed and went to the back of the bus. I got up and went to my bags I put on a bra and underwear. I found some sorts so I put them on. I was looking for a shirt and I finally found one and grabbed it and put it on. I looked down and notice that the shirt I grabbed was Justins. I started to cry. It smelled like him. I grabbed my lab top and went to youtube and played T-shirt and sung at the parts where it said Laying with nothing but your T-shirt on. I missed Justin so much I grabbed my phone and called him. It rung 6 times then someone answered. " Hello " they said. " Hey where is Justin?" The person paused " is this Bella?" " huh yes" I said . " Ohh Justin took Selena on a date to the movies." my heart sunk. I could no longer breath. " Ohh " I said " huh do you want me to tell him you called?" the person said " huh no  I guess not there is nothing to say" I hung up the phone and crawled into bed crying myself to sleep.


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