Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


67. picking up Emma

Bella's P.O.V.

        I hate fighting with Justin. He text me this morning say " Hey babe no matter what happens I love you." I didnt text back. I love him I do its just our baby should come first and he needs to learn that. I was on my way to Patties. My phone started to ring. It was Ellen

Me- Hello?

Ellen- Hey Bella, umm what are you doing today?

Me- Oh nothing. What's up?

Ellen- I know that your on tour but Selena was supposed to come on the show today but she couldnt make it. Could you fill in?

I took a mintue to think. I cant tell Ellen no.

Me- Umm what time?

Ellen- in 3 hours

Me- I can do it.

Ellen- Thanks so much

Me- anytime.

I hung up the phone and texted Scooter and told him. I hope he is ok with it. I mean it only takes 3 hours to get back to my tour stop. The diver pulled up to Patties house. I ran out of the car and to the front of her house. I knocked on the door. I waited for about 30 seconds before she opened the door.

" Hey " she said. " Hey" I said hugging her. " I missed you hun." She said leading me inside. " I missed you to. Actully can we talk? Its about Justin." I said walking into her front room. " yeah what's going on" she said sitting down on her couch. " Umm. well did he tell you the reason why he wannted you to have Em?" I said. She looked at Emma who was sleeping in her play pin. " Umm No" She said. " Umm Twist wannted to have a party so he brought Emma over here. When I moved in I told him that Emma came first and I didnt want all that hard partying around her." Iooked up at Pattie. " Hun I'm sorry. I think that you guys can over come this. I dont want those huge parties around her either." She said. " Well I just dont know what to do." I said. Pattie got up and grabbed a photo album. " You know how Justin's dad and I broke up" I looked at her " Yeah" I said. She opened the book " Well I still love him. We were so happy." she said pointing at a picture of them. " Awwh " I said. She flipped the page. " Then Justin came and I was a single parent. He was always there for Justin. He was a good dad but we werent ment to be but you and Justin are perfect. I want you guys to be happy and stay togther." she said touching my hand. " I want to be with him it's just he never is there for Emma or me." I said. Pattie got up and went to her side table. She grabbed somthing out. " Here is the ring that gave you at the award show. He gave it to me because he had it made for you. He went to someone to have it done. See the on the inside it says this is forever" She said pointing to the inside of the ring. I took a close look. She wasnt lieing. It did say this is forever. I smiled " Omg. I didnt know that." Here she said handing me the ring. " Keep it until your ready" She said putting the ring in my hand and closing it.




I was sitting in the back room waiting to go on. Ellen was talking to Madsion Beer right now. I dont really like her. It seems like her fame was handed to her. I was holding Emma in my arms. She was so beautiful.

Alfredo opened the door. " Hows my favorite teen pop star." He said. I jumped up and ran over to him. " How did you know I was here?" I said. He laughed " Scooter called me" he said grabbing Emma from my arms. " I believe it's time for you to go do an interview." He said. " umm Okay do you got her?" I asked looking at Emma. " Of course.. now go" He said laughing. I walked where Ellen was as she intoduced me. I gave her a hug and sat in the chair next to her.

Ellen- I missed you so much

Me- I missed you too

Ellen- Okay so your tour how is it going?

Me- I love it. I mean I'm watching my dream come true right infront of my eyes. The fans are perfect.

Ellen- Yes, It seems like everyone likes you. You are blowing up.

Me- Yeah I went from no fans to millions and I couldnt ask for anything more. which is weird because I dating Justin and have a baby.

Ellen- Yeah but your fans look past that..

Me- Yeah haha

Ellen- So how are things with Justin?

Me- great I mean we fight but I love him and we can over come anything. 

Ellen- Yeah I see in the magazines and on tv that you guys are fighting one day then totally in love the next. 
Me- yeah I know but it no matter how many tiny fights we get into he was for me. I mean fighting is heathly in a releationship.

Ellen- yeah..


We finished off the interview. I was about to leave to get back on my plane when someone grabbed my arms. " Hey I'm so sorry" Someone said. I turnend around to be facing Justin. " Hey babe it's okay. I'm sorry and I dont want to fight anymore" I said wrapping my arms around him. " I love you Bella" He said pressing his lips to mine. " I love you to thats why I want to get married" I said handing him the ring from my pocket. He smiled really big. He got on one knee.. " Bella will you marry me?" he said. I jumped up and shooked my head. He picked me up swinging me around. " I love you Bella and I will do everything that I can to make you the happiest girl as long as I live" He said giving me a kiss. 

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