Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


60. Our little Secret

Bella's P.O.V.

     I woke up wraped in Justin's arms. He had a really tight grip. I tryed to wiggle out of his arms. " Where are you going?" Justin said with his eyes still shut. " To take a shower and get ready. I have to pick up Emma from my moms then drop her off with you so dont make any plans. Then I have to go with Scooter for a meeting." I said. " Okay well can you lay here for a few more mintues with me?" I smiled " Of course just losen up your grip it hurts" I said. He losened up his grip. I kissed his lips. I knew what Scooter wannted. He wannted to tell me tour was starting up soon. I didnt want to hear that. It means I have to leave Justin and Emma. I dont know if I trust Justin enough to be able to handle being away from him. I closed my eyes. I felt Justins lips met mine. He licked my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and our tounges met. Justin climbed on top of me knowing we still had no clothes on from last night. I brought my arms up to his hair. I loved playing with his hair. He kissed down my neck leaving a love bites. He put His length at my enternce and slowly slid into me. I moaned in pleasure and in pain. He went slow letting me get use to his size. A tear fell from my eye. Justin stoped. " We can stop if you want I dont want to hurt you" " no it's okay keep going" He started to go slower. " Justin just go" He started to go faster but not to fast. It felt as if we were one. " Justin.Go.Faster." i said inbetween breathes. He went faster. I wrapped my legs around his hips so he can go deeper. He flipped us over so I was on top. " I want you to ride me" he said with a wink. He grabbed my hips and move me the way it felt best for him. Just then the door swung open. I flew on to the floor pulling Justin with me. " Huh sorry" I heard Scooter say. " shit " I whispered. Justin just laughed. " I have to get up and get ready" I laughed laying a kiss on his lips then going into the bathroom. I started the shower and got in.


After I was out of the shower I went to the closet and got a white belly shirt that said LA in red letters. I got red shorts and red toms. I went back to the bathroom and did my make up. I put on eyeliner, masscara and red lip stick. I strighened my hair the best I could. I grabbed my phone and credit card and walked down stairs. I dont wear purses I wear thoses bags that go over you shoulder so I picked my red one. I put my phone, makeup and card in there. Justin and Scooter were in the Kitchen. " You understand why her and I are going to lunch right?" I heard Scooter say. I stopped at the door to listen to what there were saying. " no not really" " Well it's time for her to go back on tour" I walked in to the Kitchen I didnt want him to tell him anything else. " I'm ready" I said. " Okay lets go" Scooter said. I went up to Justin to give him a hug and kiss. " Can you go pick up Emma?" Justin kissed my forehead " of course". I started to walk then stopped " Justin how much do you love me?" I turned he smile " Why " " Can I drive the Karma Fisker?" He looked at me then at the keys hanging on the way. " I love you so much that I'm trusting you to drive my special car." He grabed the keys off the wall. I smiled at jumped on him wraping my legs around him. " Thanks Babe your the best" I said giving him a kiss. I got down and walked out the door.

Scooter and I got into the car and drove off. " Where do you want to go?" I asked. " Huh lets just go to taco bell." he said " okay. So when is the tour starting?" I asked " yeah you dont have anyplans this week do you?" He said. " Well I was going to take Jazzy shopping tomorrow because Jemery and the kids are coming down for a visit." he looked at his phone " okay thats fine the tour startes up again in 3 days So just get ready" He said " Okay did you tell Justin the big part yet?" " No I just told him that you have to leave for tour. I didnt tell him that him and Emma cant go or that your openers are Austin and Cody" I parked the car and got out. Paps must have been following us because two jumped out of a van. " I was wondering why Justin's car was driving normal and not all out of control." One said. I laughed " Thats because I know how to drive." I said walking in to taco bell. We ordered and went back out to the car. " Where is Justin" The same pap asked " huh He is at home with Emma." I said getting into the car. The window was rolled down so he asked " what are you doing?" I looked up at him " Iam talking about my tour with Scooter" I said looking at Scooter. " Can you back up so I dont hit you?" I asked " Only if I can get a picture of you in the car."  " Okay" I said I grabbed the steering wheel and posed for a picture. He moved right away after he got the picture. " Okay now where?" i asked Scooter. " To the studio" .


We were in the studio waiting for Austin and Cody. " I promise that you will get to see Emma as much as possible." Scooter said " I'm not worried about that it's leaving Justin here" I said looking down " I thought you said trust is one of the most important things." He said " yeah but he broke my trust." Scooter looked down " I know" just then Austin and Cody came in. " Hey guys " Scooter said. " Hey " They said sitting on each side of me. " Okay guys so tour is going to started in 3 days you have to be at the airport an hour before 5." Scooter said. " Okay. Well hows this going to work with tour buses." Austin asked. " Well Bellas dancer have there own bus but Bellas bus is in Omaha so you guys are flying out there, I will be there to pick you up and take you guys to the hotel and then the next day we will have the concert and you three will live on Bellas bus" Scooter explained.  " Huh Justin isnt going to like that." Cody said. " Scooter stood up. " Well we just wont tell him. It will be our little secret." He said.


It's kind of short sorry. Thanks for reading and tell me what you think.

                                       - Kat XXXX

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