Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


42. Our family

Bellas P.O.V.

         I woke up with really bad pains. I couldnt move at first. I tried to scream for Justin but he was no were to be found. I slow got out of bed and went to the bathroom and took some meds the doctor gave me. I had a ton to get done today. I had to Finish up the babies room, go to a photo shoot then, a cd signing. And run a few places. Lil Twist moved out yesterday. He got a house down the road a little so he isnt to far. 

Justin went out and got more clothes for the baby her room is all set up. I just had to put her clothes away. I swear she has more than I do and I have a walk in closet full. I finshed that and Justin still wasnt home so I texted him " Hey babe where are you we have a photo shoot in an hour?" I got up and went to go get ready. I put on some yoga pants and a love shirt. They will have my clothes already picked out there and they will do my hair so I just did my make up.


I walked down stairs and Lil Za was on the couch I just walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bannna. " Hey Mamma where is Justin?" I looked at him from the kitchen " Huh I dont know I was just about to ask you" I yelled back walking into the living room. " Huh When I woke up he was just gone." " Yeah me too. I texted him but he didnt answer I can try and call him.'" I started to call Justin when his phone went stright to voice mail. I really hope he isnt cheating on me again but if he is I'm done no more Justin and Bella we will be done. " Hey since Justins not here can you drive me to the shoot?" I asked Za. He jumped up " Ye Lets roll ".

I pulled my phone into the car like always and I put on Lucky Ass Bitch by Mac Miller. I started to rap alone. I love that song so much. My favorite part is the course " She get alot of money, spend all on drugs, mobben with her " bitches never fall in love" I screamed dacing. " You really like this song" Za said laughing.

We pulled up and Scooter was standing outside. I got out and walked over to him. " Hey mamma where is Justin at?" He asked " Huh I dont know I woke up and he was gone" Scooter looked at me confused " Huh Okay I will call him but lets get you inside they want to start with you anyways" I followed him inside.

I got dressed and was almost time for me to start when I felt a huge pain in my belly. Then it came again. I picked up my phone and called Pattie. " Hello" she said " ii-i have realllly bad pains....... and they wont stop" " Oh my okay unm where are you hun" I barly could talk it hurt so bad. I threw my phone at Scooter. He was confused but Said hello and him and Pattie started to talk. Then he hung up the phone. " Lets go Bella, Pattie thinks it's time." My mouth droped " What do you mean she thinks........ And Justin isnt here" I yelled still following Scooter to the car. " She is going to try to get  a hold of him but she is calling your mom first. ". On our way up there I couldnt get comfortable in my seat. My belly hurt so bad. It felt like cramps and  some one is stabbing you nonstop and an hippo is sitting on you. We pulled up to the hospital and Pattie and my mom were waiting outside with nurses and tons of Paps. The nurses had a wheel chair for me to sit in.

We were in my room when the doctor came in with this huge needel tube thing. He put it in my back to numb from my waist down He then got gloves and kicked everyone out of the room then said " Push" I looked at him wired. " huh Justin isnt here" He looked at me " I know but we cant wait for him" " I want someone in here though" I yelled he looked at the nurses. " Well who?" he said. Then there was a knock at the door. " open it " I yelled the doctor went and opened it and Austin stood there holding flowers and a bear. and in the other hand he was holding a gift bag. I smiled and said "Him" . Austin had a confused look on his face but then he knew what I was talking about once he noticed Justin wasnt in the room. The pains got worse an came faster. " okay " the doctor started " push" I didnt really know How to push so I just tried. It hurt so bad. " c'mon Bella " Austin yelled grabbing my hand.

I was half way through when the door flew open. It was Justin. " Huh what is he doing here?" Justin asked I snapped " What is he doing here? He is helping me get through this, He is being here when you werent, He is couching me and helping every step of the way. The question that should be getting ask is where in the hell where you huh? you didnt answer my phone" I had to stop I couldnt breathe and then the doctor yelled " Bella your almost there"  I smiled. I started to push more when Justin grabbed a towel and washed the sweat off of my face. " Your so beautiful" he said " Shut the fuck upp " I yelled I didnt mean to be a bitch I just was busy. He smiled because he understoood.


I finally got the baby out and the doctor and Justin went to wash her up. " Have you guys picked a name yet?" Austin asked he was sitting on the bed beside me. " huh no I'm letting Justin" " ahh I see." He lauged. Justin and the baby walked in the door. Austin got up and gave me a kiss on the forehead and left. " Hey babe I'm sorr" I cut him off " No dont you should have been here but I dont want to here anymore about it your here now " I said. He smile and got on the bed with the baby in his arms. " First Family picture?" He aked I just smiled. He got out his phone and took at picture of the three of us. The caption he put was " Hey Beliebers our family is getting bigger. Here is our baby Emma Marie Bieber she is so beautiful. I love her so much I cant even explain it. She is like my heart walking out of my body!<3 #Family #blessed #mygirls.

Justin put Emma in her  bed thing they had because she was sleeping. Then he crawled up in bed with my cuddling me. " I love you so much Bella you gave me the best thing some one could ever give me and I'm so glad you came into my life. You and Emma and every single Belieber are my princesses. I'm so lucky to have all of you beautiful girls in my life." I smiled and turned towards him and kissed his lips. Then I fell asleep I was so exhaused.

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