Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


39. My Birthday!

Bella's P.O.V.

 I woke up today and Justin was gone. I sat up and saw a note and roses leading out the door. I looked at the note it said " Happy Birthday Baby! Follow the roses " I got up and followed them. They lead me to the kitchen. On the table was a plate of pancakes shaped as hearts with freshly cut strawberrys. The was a white note beside the plate it said " Eat! then go back up stairs and get into somthing comforable. Love you. P.S. When your done there is a limbo out side waiting for you just go get in it - Yours Truly Justin. " I did I was told I eat then headed up stairs to find somthing to wear.

I put on a red dress that went a little pass my knees and a blue scarf. Then I put on some boots. I did my make up. I curled my hair and put a red headband in. I looked at my belly. I was getting huge. I felt like a balloon. but it was okay my baby is totally worth it. I walked down stairs to the limbo and got in. There was a tiny radio that said play. I picked it up and pushed play. It was Justin he said " Hey babe my plan is working! I'm such a beast. I just laughed at that. Well he contuined I will see you when you get here I love you so much " I put it down and watched out the windeo as we drove down the road.


We pulled up to a big building and Justin was stading outside. I jumped out and ran to him giving him a hug. " Happy Birthday my princess. Are you ready?" I kissed his lips " Of course I'm " He was leading me in the building all of the lights were off. Then he turned them on and tons of people jumped up yelling suprise. I just smiled and hugged Justin. I didnt really want a party and he knew that. I was 6 months pregnanut and I didnt want to have to be at a party but it was really sweet of him.

Tons of people were there like Scooter, Alfredo, Selena, Taylor and everyone else but they were all dancing and having a wonderful time along with Justin. I was sitting down because I was starting to get dizzy and My belly started to hurt. I was taking a drink when someone said " Did you get my flowers?" I turned around it was Austin. I smiled " Yes Mr. Mahone I did and I loved them they were beautiful Thank You!" He smiled and sat next to me. " So duet?" He asked raising his left eyebrow. " Yes I would love too" I couldnt tell him no to his face and he so cute. " So why arent you dancing and having fun?" I looked down " Huh because I'm pregnant and I cant stand for to long it hurts " He set his hand on mine " Well if I was your boyfriend and that babies dad I would be sitting out with you " Austin said this with such stright face. I looked down and said " Yeah but he has been busy" He moved his hand " Bella this baby is both of your guys. You have been busy too. " " I know Austin". He smiled. " Can I have a picture with you" He asked pulling out his phone. " of course " I smiled for the camera. Then my phone went off. It was instagram. It said Austin added a photo of you. The caption said " Happy Birthday to a wonderful girl! And she had agreed to do a duet with me(: Isnt she the best?" I smiled and Liked it.


Austin and I had talked for about an hour. About everything. It was nice to talk to someone and have them listen. I told him the names that Justin picked out and he really liked Emma. He also said that he had a crush on me and to this I didnt know what to say. I mean I have a boyfriend. I just smiled and said you arent to bad yourself. I didnt know what to say and I mean the boy is pretty Hott!

" Hey why dont you and I go get somthing to eat and we can get you away from all these people for a while?" Austin asked I smiled " Yeah I mean I'm starting to get a headache but let me go tell Justin" I got up and started to try to find him. I couldnt find him anywhere. I walked to the bathrooms to go check my makeup and I saw someone turn the coner. I walked around and saw Selena's arms around Justin's neck. " Huh it's not what.... " Jusitn started but I didnt let him finish I just walked away. " Bella please let me explain " I heard him say He grabbed my arm and I stopped then ripped my arm from his grip. I saw Austin and grabbed his arm " Let's go" I said shaking and crying " Bella What's wrong" He asked. I looked back at Justin who stopped as I grabbed his arms. " What in the heck did you do to her" Austin Yelled towards Justin. " Lets just go okay " I said. pulling him. I could her Justin chasing us yelling my name but we walked faster and jumped into Austin's car. Justin stood in front of the car. " Bella let me explain to you please you dont know the whole story" More tears fell from my face. Austin grabbed my hand. I looked down at it then back up at Justin. " Just back up" I looked at Austin and He did as he was told.


We went to Olive Garden. It was full of paps and fans. and of course the paps knew somthing was wrong and started asking questions but for the first time I ignored them and just walked. This wasnt the fist time he cheated on me. I mean I'm pregnant with his baby. What's wrong with him. I love him and I dont want to do this on my own but I guess I made a knew friend............. Austin.... He is goin to be there for me..... right?

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