Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


55. " Movie "

Bella's P.O.V

      We were on our way to Justin's. I was holding ice to my belly because it hurt. My belly went back to it's regular size. " Does it hurt?" Justin asked laughing a little. " Huh no it's just sore" I said looking away from him. " Well were here " Justin said pulling into his driveway. I saw his huge house and wished I still lived here. I loved his house. He parked and I got out I didnt want him to open the door for me. I walked to the front door and just walked in. I sat my bad on the table in the kitchen and walked to the living room. For the first time his house was empty no one was there but us to which was kind of nice. Justin came into the living room with two glasses dr pepper and popcorn. He sat on the couch next to me putting the stuff on the table. " Okay what movie do you want to watch?" He asked. I gave him a wired look " Umm I thought the we were going to talk?" Justin got up and went over to his movies " I would rather watch a movie" I didnt say anything. He put a movie in and skiped all the previews. He sat back down pressing play. I took a glance at the T.V. " Justin why did you put in the Note Book?" He looked at me " It's your favorite movie" He said pour the pop. " Huh yeah on a date" I said. He sat back " This could be a date" He said throwing one hand up in the air. " Justin No" I said sitting back crossing my arms.


We were half way through the movie and I was kind of wishing I could go and snuggle up to him but I had to stay strong. I looked over at him and He was already looking at me. I smiled. I moved over closer to him and put my head on his cheast and my arm over his abs. I could feel his smile on the top of my head. " You know I care about you right? and even though I did what I did Selena means nothing to me at all. I want you" Justin whispered in my ear. " Justin tonight cant we just..." He cut me off I felt his lips hit mine. His tounge entered my mouth and our tounges ment. They moved togther perfectly. He slowly layed me down and got on top of me without breaking the kiss. My hands went on his head. He started to undo my shirt. " not here" I whispered in his ear. Without breaking the kiss he picked me up and carried me to the stairs. We were half way up when he triped but he didnt drop me. He got back up and carried me the rest of the way. He carried me to the room and layed me on his bed. He came on top of me and took off my shirt and shorts. Kissing my neck down to my underwear taking them off with his teeth. He then took off his clothes. Climing back on top of me kissing all the way up to my lips.

Justin's P.O.V.

I kissed my way back up to her lips. Her lips were so soft I could kiss them all day, everyday if I could. She put her arms on the sheets which ment she loved what I was doing. I moved down to her down stairs. I pulled her legs apart and started to eat her out. She was wonderful and I wannted to show her I wannted her and only her. I heard her moan and I loved it. " say my name " I said It was quiet for a mintue then I heard her moan " Justin." I moved back up to her lips. " It's my turn" She whispered in to my ear. She got up and went to the end of the bed. She grabed my dick and put the whole thing in her mouth. Which was hot. I never seen a girl do that. She got faster everytime she went down. I couldnt help but cum in her mouth. She drank every bit of it which turned me on more. I pulled her back up to the top of the bed and got on top of her. I pulled her legs a part and put my self slowly in her giving her time to get use to jerry. I was going slow because I didnt want to hurt her. " Faster and Harder" She yelled. I did as I was told. My bed was slamming against the wall. Then my whole bed fell. " We broke the bed " She said laughing but that didnt stop me. I keep going. She must not of cared because she was moaning again. I felt more cum. I came right inside of her. I fell on the bed next to her barley breathing. " Maybe we should watch a movie every night " She said turning on her side. I winked " Yes" I turned on my side bring the blanket over us. " So does this mean we are togther again?" I asked. She smiled " Cant we just be friends with bentfits?" She asked. I took a mintue to think. I didnt really like the idea but I just said " yeah " . " What are you doing tomorrow?" she asked " huh I have to get a new bed" I laughed she just laughed too. She crawled up to me and fell fast asleep. I took a mintue to watch her. She is so beautiful. I kissed her check and closed my eyes.

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