Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


72. monkey

Bella's P.O.V.

         Austin put his length in me and I let out a moan. He thrusted in a couple times then it hit me. " Austin get off of me" I said. " Just a little longer" He said " No Get The Fuck Off" I yelled pushing him off. I hurried and jumped up and started to get dressed. I cant believe I just did that. I love Justin. I'm going to marry him. I Love him. I finished getting dress and walked out of the room. I started walking towards my dressing room. " Where have you been?" My hair dresser asked. " No where. Can you just strighten my hair" I said. I didnt feel like messing with it.


I just finished my concert and headed to my tour bus. Justin was siting on the couch with Emma sleeping in the swing next to him " Hey babe. You were amazing tonight" He said getting up. He tried to kiss me on the lips but I turned away and he ended up kissing my check. " Whats wrong?" He asked. " Huh I have to tell you somthing but before I do I want you to know that I love you so much and your my world" I said. Justin just looked at me. " Austin pulled me in a room and started to kiss me and after a while I started to kiss him back and I got carried away and we.. " " What Bella... You didnt''' Justin said with tears running down his face. " Only a few thrust" I said now having tears running down my face. Justin didnt say anything he kissed Emma then grabed his phone and charger and then kissed me on the lips and walked out of the tour bus. He didnt say anything. So I decied to text him

me- Justin I love you soo much oh and where are you going?

Justin- Babe I love you to and to Scooters bus

I didnt relpy I just put my phone down and watched a movie. He wannted space so I'm going to give it to him.


**** 6 hours later****

I woke up to Emma crying. I got up and picked her up. We havent left the parking lot yet because my fans were in the way. So we were going to wait until some of them left. I checked my phone. I had a missed call from Alfredo so I called him back.

*Ring* *Ring* " Bella thank god" I heard Alfredo say. " Whats wrong?" I asked. " Justin he is drinking and he is going crazy come get him" " Where are you?" I asked. " Scooters bus" Alfredo said. " Okay I will be there in a mintue" I said hanging up the phone. I got up and went to my bus driver. " Hey could you pretty please watch Emma?" I asked him. " He smiled " Of course" I made Emma a bottle and layed her down. I grabbed my coat and walked to the bus behind mine. I opened the door and Justin was sitting on Alfredos lap and Scooter was just laughing. " Thank gosh your here get him off of me " Alfredo laughed. I walked in and grabbed Justins hand. " lets go babe" I said. Justin looked at my hand " Whoa I have a girlfriend" He said. I laughed " Iam your girlfriend" I said. " Your my girlfriend! Your Bella" He yelled. We all started laughing " Yes hun now lets go" I said. Justin got up and followed me. We got back into the bus and I got Justin in bed. I layed him down and stated to take his shirt off. " Whoa I have a girlfriend." He said again. I just laughed and finished taking his shirt off then his pants leaving him in boxers. I walked to the fridge and got him a water. " Here Justin drink this." I said getting in bed next to him. " You know my girlfriend is amazing. She is so beautiful. She told me that she did another guy tonight it broke my heart. I went to Scooters bus and cried. I love her so much and I could never leave her but next time I see Austin I'm going to kick the fuck outta him for touching my princess. He will be off her tour." Justin said with his eyes shut. His words broke my heart. I cant believe he said that I broke his heart. I let tears fall. It was a huge mistake. " You know she is the first girl to make me feel this way. She is the mother to my baby she has given me the best thing in the world... my Emma." I started crying even more when he said this. " Jusitn I'm your girlfriend and I love you so much" I said kissing his forehead. He opened his eyes and smiled. " Well can I be a monkey and can we have monkey babies?" He asked. I just laughed and said " if your a monkey then I'm a monkey and I would love to have monkey babies with you" I kissed his lips and fell asleep.

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