Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


17. Interview part1

This morning I had my first interview ever. It was Ellen. I have 5 more mintues before I go on. Im super nervous. I am wearing a pink dress. Justin said I look best in pink. I had my hair curled and a pink bow in it.

Okay Bella you know that they are going to ask you some personal questions from here on out. Its your chocie if you want to tell them if you want. Scooter looked at me You have to make chocies whats good to tell and not. Some things are ment to be kept quiet.

Yes I know I replied and I want to be honest I dont want to live off lies.

****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

Now our next guess is a new artist. She has came into Hollywood with a bang everyone this is Isabella.

I walked out and sat in the chair next to Ellen smiling the whole way.

Ellen: So this is your first interview ever huh?

Me: Yes it is.

Ellen: So I could ask some questions about school or family but I know what everyone wants to know. Whats going on with you and Justin Bieber?

Me: Umm well were dating, And he is the sweetest thing ever! Im glad that I can call him mine.

Ellen: Thats the most open a person had been on my interview.

Me: Well whats the point to lie about somthing and then later the truth come out and everyone thinks that your a lair?

Ellen: Yes so unerstandable. Soo what do you guys togther?

Me: Umm we havent been dating for long but We just got back from my home town Plattsmouth. ***FLASHBACK****

Oh turn I yelled pointing in the way of the pool. Im so glad to be back I havent been home in like 2 months which isnt long but I never did anything but stay home and hangout with my friends. We parked in the back of the parking lot and walk to the enternce of the pool.

I pulled out 10 dollars so I could paid. My cousin Brandon was working up front right as he saw me he ran to me yelling " Kathleen " giving me the biggest hug ever.


Hello I missed you. How have you been? I asked Good I'm going to collage in August. Well that's good well Im going to go see my friends. Justin you and Alfredo go through that door just follow the mats and it will take you outside.

I walked through the bathroom to go out to the pool luckly no one was in there. I kind of rushed so I could go meet the boys. I got out to the pool area and took a right to go through where the boys where coming in from. They finally walked out wearing swimming suties. I already had mine on. I had a purple zebra bikini on. Justin was wearing purple zebra print turnks to match me.

Okay so I see my friends do you see that group of people standing in a circle I pointed to people standing up on a small hill. Yes Justin replied. We started walking towards them. Luckly no one noticed Justin yet. We got up to where they were and my friend Heven said what happend looking at my friend Bryclyn. Bryclyn began to say what seemed to be a story. So this bitch she started off I laughted and said you know its going to be a good story if thats what she starting off with. Everyone turned to look at me and at the same time  they all ran to me forming a huge group hug with me in the middle.                        

5 mins. later they finally let go. Omg I missed you guys so much. I said. Oh I almost forgot guys this is My boyfriend Justin and his friend Alfredo.

Holy fuck, you finallyare dating him thats mind blowing Heven said. yeah Bryclyn added Justin I remember everyday non stop all she talked about was you. all she though about was you and she use to always say someday I will date him. You guys stop I yelled embarassed. Its okay babe no need to get embarassed I find it so cute that you had me on your mind for a long time He added a wink at the end.

Okay So Justin this is Heven. Bryclyn,  Leah, Fe, Jayden, and Becky I said pointing at them. Aye nice to meet you guys Justin said. I looked over at the guys this is my cousin Ronald, And then theres Kole, Andrew, Shiloh, Reid, Eithan, Colton and you have met Grant. Aye he said shaking their hands.

Well it was nice to meet you all but I want to go swimming Justin looked at me with a sad look. Okay then lets go I laughted grabing his hand. Do you guys want to come? I asked They all said yes and we headed for the 4 foot thats wear we all hang out.

Is the water cold I asked my Friend Chase who was in the water and He laughted and said no get in. I felt the water and It was cold. Justin jumped. When he got  up from in the water he looked at me c'mon babe get in he looked at me with his hair in a mess. No its cold I replied. As I said this Alfredo jumped in and as stood up he said yeah dont be a scared just get in and get it over with. no  yelled laughing.

Do I have to put you in like I used to Colton looked at me and said. I gave him the death stare No I said I hate that. Well to bad he said grabbing me by my waste and picking me up. When he use to do this I always said I not letting go so if you throw me in. You will go in with me. I said excatly that to him. And he laughed and said thats fine like always. And jumped in with me in his arms.

I felt to freezing water all over my body and he didnt let go. So when he came up I was still wraped in his arms. Everyone jumped in makeing the biggest wave ever! I put my face into Coltons chest turing to aviod some of the water. I pulled away to see Justin with tears in his eyes. I let got of Colton and swam to Justin. Whats wrong? I asked Whats goin on with you and that Colton kid? He asked, Justin nothingnis going on he is just a friend, i mean we dated in the past and thats it. I looked at him confused. He looked at me and Said I have never seen you look at someone the way you looked at him. Not even me. I started to cry. Justin You dont understand yes i had something with him before but you Your who I want forever and everyday that comes after that. I dont want anyone else in the world. Its you and always will be you. Your mine and Im yours. I kissed him on lips. I pulled away and a little girl yelled look Justin Bieber. and tons of people started to scream and unning up to us. I dont know how my friend knew to do this but they foremed a circle around us.

Hello everyone Justin said smiling. A little girl Said Justin can I have a picture. Justin looked at me and said I will make you a deal if you guys pretend that Im not here and let me swim with my girlfriend and her friends I will take ampicture with all of you guys. They all agreed and let him be.


We hung out and played a few water games and when it come time to it. Justin and I got out and He started to take pictures with everyone who wannted one. a girl came up and Said Would it be okay if I could get a picture with both of you. Im a fan of the both of you. This put a huge smile on my face this was the first time someone ever wannted a picture with me. I got in and took the picture.

A womem with red hair came up to us and said I know its a wired question but could I have a picture of you guys kissing for the plattsmouth news paper? Justin looked at me and smile. You asking me to kiss my Girlfriend he asked? Yes the women said. Ok dont need to ask me again he said pushing his lips up to mine. The girl took her picture and all my friends yelled AWWWWWHHHHHHHH.

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