Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


59. i will wait

Bellas P.O.V.

 I was sitting down in my seat watching the show. I was staring at my ring. It was the biggest dimond I have ever seen. I saw a couple of girls looking at me crying. I just smiled I had no clue why they were crying. " Okay now " Louis said " The next award is the beautiful teen the nominaies are Bella, " My eyes opened did he just say my name. I looked up at the screen and there was a picture of me in a bikini from a photo shoot. He named a couple more teens. " Okay here is the winner..................... Bella!" He yelled. I was so confused but I got up and walked to the stage. I got up there and Louis said " Justin your one lucky fella to have this beautiful girl to be yours" I smiled I held the award in my right hand. " Umm where do I began. This is amazing. I have never considered my self as pretty or beautiful. I mean I was bullied and I was told everyday for four years how ugly I am. Holding his award truly makes me feel beautiful and I'm so thankful for everyone who has been there through out the start of my caree. Thanks I love you all" I said blowing a kiss walking off stage. I walked past Justins se



At the end of the award show I gotten 5 awards. I was holding at five in my arms on the carpet smiling. Justin came up to me " Well hello there beautiful teen" He said winking. I smiled. " Bella, Justin can I get a picture of you guys kissing?" a pap said I smiled and kissed Justins lips. " How cute" Selena said walking by. I just rolled my eyes. There was no sence of saying anything Justin is mine now and will be forever. " So are you going to come home tonight?" Justin said grabbing my hand. " Yeah. Can we go now though?" Justin smiled " Of course Miss. Bieber " I just laughed.


We pulled up to the house and got out. We walked in and Alfredo, Lil Za, Lil Twist, Chaz, and Ryan were sitting on the couch. " Ayye" Justin yelled running to the couch and jumping on them. I sat my Awards on the table and walked into the living room. " So Bella Whens the big day" Alfredo said. " What are you talking about?" I said sitting on the empty side of the couch. " The day your getting married duhh" He said with a smile. " huh It just happend today, we didnt plan anything yet" I said. All the guys just laughed and talked about there big boys night this weekend. I went on twitter. There were tons of pictures of Justin and I tonight with hastags saying #Really #Jeliebers #Pleasedontmarryher #Itshappening #Callofthewedding. One picture really caught my eye. It was a girl with a tear running down her face she said " How could this happen? I'm happy for you guys but what if he forgets about us #Beliebers" I could feel a tear running down my face. I didnt want to hurt anyone. I know how it feels to be hurt by a guy. " What's wrong Babe?" I heard Justin say I rose my eyes from my phone. " Huh nothing I'm going to go to bed." I said walking up stairs. I walked into the room and grabbed some nike shorts and a t-shirt. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I walked over and played pandora. I got undressed and got into the shower. I stood right under the water. I let the hot water run down my body. I cant stop thinking about what that girl said. I dont want to marry him if it's going to hurt anyone. I want everyone to be happy. I'm only 16 too I dont know if I'm ready to be tied down to someone. I started to wash my hair when I felt big hands wrap around my body. " Let me" Justin moved his hands up to my hair and rinsed out the soap. " Thanks" I said. I turned so I was facing him. I put my head on his chest. I felt Justin's hand move to my hips. " whats this from" I looked down at my hip. Justin's hand was rubbing my scares I had there. " Umm when I was in school I was bullied through out my entire middle school years, I had no friends for a while and I wannted all the pain to go away. I started to believe everything that people said and called me so I started to cut my hip bone because everyone checks your arms not your hip." I said slowly. Justin got on his knees and kissed where my cuts were. I smiled. He stood back up. He pulled me out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me then one around himself. He sat on the bathroom floor and patted the ground next to him " Sit" I did as I was told. " Bella your beautiful in everyway. No matter what anyone says to you. Life is going to be rough but trust me there is a reason your on this earth. Your an amzaing person dont let anyone tell you different. If you had of killed your self I wouldnt of ever meet you which means I would have never met my soul mate." I just sat there for a second " I love you so much you know that right" I said looking at him. He smiled and stood up holding out his hand. " Go to the bed and I will get you somthing to where" He said. I walked into the bed room and sat on the bed. A few mintues later Justin came he was wereing boxers that said Bieber. He handed me a sports bra and red lace underwere. I put them on. He then handed me one of his white t-shirts. " I'm going to wear your shirt?" He smile " Yes" I put the shirt on and climed in to the bed. Justin did to but the oppsite side. I moved close to him. " You know we have never maded love we only had sex." He said I looked up at him " Is that bad?" I asked. " No but..." He stopped and kissed my lips. I kissed him back. He climbed on top of me and removed his boxers. He then pulled off my shirt without breaking the kiss. He kissed down my neck then to my belly. He stopped at my belly ring. He started to kiss it. " Why do you always play with my belly ring" I asked him " Uh I dont know" He laughed then moved to my underwear. He took them off slow and with his teeth. He pulled them to my ankles. Then came up to my bra and took that off. He put his penis at my enterance. " I cant do this" I said sitting up. " What why" He said " Justin I cant marry you.... well I cant right now. I'm 16 and still young. Your beliebers are upset and hurt I cant hurt them. They are scared that your going to forget about them.. " he stopped me. " Hey it's okay baby... I'm kind of hurt but it's okay I understand where your coming from." He said sliding the ring off my fingure. " It's not that I dont want to marry you. I mean I do I really do." He smiled. " it's okay. I understand and I will wait for you." I smiled letting a tear fall. He wiped away the tear and took the blanket and wraped us both in it. I moved as close as possible to him. " Your everything and anything I ever wannted. I know that you dont want to get married right away but can you atleast wear the ring so I know that your mine?" He asked " Yes I will.. but just because I'm not wearing doesnt mean I'm not yours no matter what I will always belong to you." I said. He smiled and slid the ring back on my finger. He then sung common denominator in my eye until I fell asleep.

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