Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


51. forgetting

Bella's P.O.V.

 My tour is getting off the a great start. My hair was getting done because in 40 mins I have another concert tonight. I was wearing a dress I hope I can dance in it. It was purple. My hair was getting curled and a bow was going to go in the back. * Phone rings* "Hello" I answerd my phone. " Huh Hey Bella?" a husky voice said " Yes?" " umm It's Justin I wannted to talk." His words sent chills through my body. " huh I'm about to go on stage can it wait?" He didnt reply for a second..... " Huh Yeah". I hung up. " Who was that?" My hair dresser asked. " Justin he wannted to talk but I'm goin to wait until I'm done with this concert". She smiled " I would to"


I was about to go on and Bryclyn ran up to me. " Bella you have got to see this" She showed me a picture on her phone. It was a picture of Justin and Selena kissing. My heart dropped. I felt tears fill my eyes. Scooter didnt notice he was trying to get me on my platfrom that is lifting me up on stage. I got into my pose. The platform lifted me up. I heard all of my fans screaming. I looked out at them. I started to sing my opening song but in the middle I forgot the words. I froze looking out at everyone. I started to get dizzy... I feel to the ground......................



I woke up in a hospitle bed. Everyone was there. " What happend" I asked Scooter looked up " You dont remember.?" I looked at him " Huh No" I said. " Bella you fainted on stage in the middle of your opening song." " So I didnt finish the concert?" Scooter looked at me confused " Huh no" I felt tears " So my fans didnt see me for more than 3 mins. Thats horrible I have to make it up I cant do that to them" I yelled. Scooter jumped up and layed me back down. " no you need to rest." I looked at him " Okay. My head hurts can I get somthing?" Scooter walked out if the room to go get the nurse.

The nurse came in and gave me some meds. " Okay Bella, You hit your head pretty hard. You might no remember some things that had happen. If you need to know somthing Just ask someone." She said " Huh okay I will. Thanks" I said. Just them my phone went off. " Hello " I said answering it. " Oh my are you okay?" I could tell by the voice it was Justin " Yes I'm fine." He took a deep breath " I have a flight there for tomorrow. I cant be away from you anymore. And we need to a talk" " talk about what?" I asked. " About what happend between You and I" I was so confused " What happend?" he didnt say anything. " With Selena." He said more confused than me. " Huh gosh Justin what happend with Selena" " Bella dont you remember?" I took a deep breathe " I guess not. All I remember is leaving the airport and kissing my wonderful boyfriend goodbye." He laughed " Boyfriend?" he said " Huh yes are we still togther?" He paused ................ " Huh Yes." he said.

Justin's P.O.V.

I was on the phone with Bella. She doesnt remember us breaking up. Is that a good thing. This is my chance to fix things. I just wont remind her what happend. I know that I need to work on things and I want to be with her and only her. I want her forever. I hung up with Bella and started to pack my bags. I went up stairs and found the promise ring I have her. I picked it up and placed it into the palm of my hand. I felt tears in my eyes. I Love Bella so much and she doenst understand. I need to fix things and never let her go again.

Bella's P.O.V.

" I'm so excited to see Justin" I yelled. My friends gave me a wired look. " Justin?" Tayla said I gave her a confused look. " Huh yes my boyfriend" The all gasphed " Your Boyfriend" They all yelled. " Yes" I yelled back. " Bella your unbelieveable." Bryclyn said. I didnt say anything. What was wrong with Justin I mean he is perfect and He treats me great and we had a baby togther. Which remined me. I looked around and I saw Emma sleeping in Heven's arms. She was so beautiful.

*********************************** Next Day **************************************

Everyone went out for dinner and I was watching the Notebook when Justin walked in. He came over to the bed and hopped in. " Hey beautiful" I smiled " Hey babe " he kissed my lips. I just cuddled up next to him not saying another word. " Can we do somthing fun?" Justin asked. " Yeah Like what?" He didnt say anything he just kissed me. I kissed back of course. He kissed me rubbing my legs. He kissed down my neck to my shirt taking it off. I helped him with his. We took off our pants and he started to kiss me again. He slid Jerry into me but this time differently. He was gentle. " Why so gentle?" I asked He didnt say anything " Bella we always have rough sex, I mean I love it  but tonight I want to make love. I want us to become one." I smiled and he contuined. It felt really good. I thought it would suck but I acutlly like this better. I mean We felt like one. He stoped and layed next to me and wrapped the blankets around us. This remined me of when I was on my period before I got pregnant.

****************************** FlashBack ********************************

I was laying in my bed holding my belly moving back and forth trying to ease the pain. I heard a knock at the door. " It's open" I yelled. The door opened and it was Justin he was holding ice-cream, a movie, ice-pack, a box of tampons and choclate. I smiled " how did you know?" He smiled putting the movie in " Well when you didnt answer I called your mom and she told me" I smiled " Thanks your the best boyfriend ever!" He grined climbing into bed next to me I know. He opened the ice-cream and gave it to me. I gladly took it. He placed the Ice-Pack above where the pain was then started to rub my lower belly a huge relif of pain left my body. The movie started It was a walk to remember. He rubbed my belly throught the whole movie. I got up to go pee. " Where you going?" Justin asked " to the bathroom" Once I got up the pain came back. I went pee and fell to the ground. " Justin " I yelled. he came running into the bathroom. " Yes babe?"  I looked up at him " Can you make me a bath while I go get more meds from my mom?" He smiled " of course anything for you." I got up and went down stairs. I got meds from my mom and went back up stairs. All the lights in the bathroom were off. I walked in and there was candles around the bathtub and the coner. Justin had made me a bubble bath and had sparkling cider for us to drink. " Oh My you didnt?' I said He smiled getting up " But I did for my baby" I smiled and kissed him. He started to help me get undressed. I got in to the bathtub and he sat on the toliet. We drank Cider and talked. He totally made me forget about my pains.

*************************************** End of Flash back ********************

I felt Justin's warm breathe on my neck. He was sleeping. He must have been traveling all night. His phone went off. I picked it up it was Selena. I answered it " Hello" " Umm who is this?" Selena asked " It's Bella" she paused " Umm Your with Justin?" I was confused " Yes he is my boyfriend.... wait why are you calling him?" I asked " I was goin to say thanks for sending me those flowers" She said "umm flowers?" She paused " Yes he send me flowers... for... huh.... My birthday" " ohh I will tell him" I said hanging up. I put his phone down and looked at him. He was sound asleep. He looked so cute sleeping. I'm so lucky to have him as my boy friend. He is truly perfect.


The nurse came in. " Okay Bella here is some more meds. " I smiled " Okay thanks " She smiled. " is that Justin?" She asked. " Huh yes" she looked confused. " You guys are back togther after he cheated on you again?"  I looked at her " He didnt cheat on me.... did he?" She looked at my chart at the end of my bed. " It looks like you forgot the last couple days after you hit your head?" She said " Yeah the doctor said it was from hitting the ground so hard." I replied. " ohh but yeah he cheated on you with Selena" My heart sunk " What " I yelled. I slapped Justin to wake him up. he woke up " What was that for?" he asked " You cheated on me again with Selena?" He looked at me " huh no of course not" he said I looked at the nurse. " She said that you did. Justin looked at her " Well Bella she is lying to you." I didnt know who to believe. " Well since your my boyfriend I believe you I guess I mean trust is the best thing you can have." I said The nurse raised her eyebrows. " Okay believe him but when he cheats on you again imagine me saying I told you so." I gave her a dirty look. " Please get out of my room" I said. She left and I layed back down and cuddled up to Justin. " Bella I love you so much. Your my everything." I smiled and kissed him " Your my everything and I love you too" I said then falling asleep in his arms.

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