Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


52. finding out.

Bella's P.O.V.

   Today I got out to the hosptale. I had a conert to get ready for. I was wearning black shorts with a red button up jacket and a white tank top under. Hair was being curled. " Hey babe" Justin said coming over and giving me a hug. I smiled " Hey" . " are you ready?" He asked I looked at him in the mirror. " Very this is your first time being at one of my concerts. He smiled " I know. " I smiled " Where is Emma?" I asked. Justin looked around. " She is with Alfredo somewhere." " Ohh". My hair was donw so my hair dresser up and head band in and I got up. " It time huh?" I said asking Scooter's eyes came up from is phone. " Huh Yes Lets go" I gave Justin a kiss before leaving. " I love you baby good luck" Justin yelled. I turned around and yelled " I love you too".

I on the lift. Scooter handed me my microphone. It was bejewled with pink dimaonds and said Emmas and Justins name at the botton. The lift started to move up and I got into my pose. They opened the top and I could hear the sreaming fans. I got to the top and started my opening song. I was dancing and singing throught out the whole song. Watching fans scream and cry. I just smiled. I have always wannted to feel this moment. To be who I am.

" Hey guys" I said after I finished the song. " You guys are loud and I love that! How are you guys doing?" The crowd just scremed. " So I have two very special people back stage. Would you guys like to meet them?" The crowd yelled yes. I smiled and then Justin walked out with Emma in his hands. I was suprised though. Him and Emma both were wearning my tour shirt. Justin had on my tour shirt and a braclet that said my name. I smiled . I ran up and kissed them both. " so you guys know Justin but you guys havent meet our Emma. Justin held her up kind of so the crowd could see her. I smiled. Then a fan yelled " Bella he cheated on you again remember?" I just looked at her. I got to the edge of the stage and asked her " When?" she looked confused last week. My heart fell I trust Justin but I trust my fans more. " Okay here I said reaching into my pocket handing her a greet and meet pass. I do my greet and meets after so that I can hand some out durining the concert. " Okay Justin it's time for you to go" I said in a joking matter. He came to give me a kiss but I slid into a hug. I watched him and Emma walk off stage. I then contuined my concert.


I was thinking a lot about what the fan had said after my concert. I got through my greet and meets and was on the tour bus. Everyone went out of Ice-Cream I told them I wannted to rest but I lied. I wannted to stay on the bus so I could check twitter, Instagram, and facebook.. The doctor told them not to let me on them for a while since I forgot something it might confuse me. I checked Instagram fist. I went to my new feed and saw pictures of Justin and I kissing on stage tonight the caption said stuff like he cheated on you again and your back with him or why do you keep giving him chances stuff like that. Then on twitter #BellaJustinIsACheater was treading. I was so confused. So I went to google and googled Justin cheats on Bella again. I clicked on the first link that popped up it showed picture of Justin and Selena at the movies holding hand and kissing. I looked at the date and it said 4 days ago. A huge rush of rage went through my body. I cant believe he lied to me about this.

I went to the back of the tour bus and grabbed all of his stuff and threw it outside. I grabbed the ring he gave me and put it in his pants. He gave me a neck lace that said Property of Bieber. I stuck that on one of his shoe laces. I walked around making sure I didnt for get anything.


about 30 mintues later I heard Scooter say " Justin what did you do now" I couldnt hear what Justin said. I heard the door open and everyone come inside I went up to Justin who was holding Emma and I grabbed her from his arms " Get out of my tour bus.... Now. I dont care where you go or what you do just leave." I said pointing to the door. " Bella what did I do?" He asked. I walked over to the labtop and grabbed it and showed him the pictures. " This is what... Now leave." I said. Everyone was quiet. Justin walked out slapping the door. I handed Emma to Alfredo and went over to the couch and curled up and started to cry my eyes out. " Hey how did you find this out?" Scooter asked I looked up from the pillow I was crying into. " A fan said somthing and then when you guys left I googled it." Scooter sat next to me " come here" He said holding out his arms. I moved over and hugged Scooter. I was done and I was going to get Selena back no matter what it took. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of me crying I put it on instagram saying " She should keep in mind theres nothing I do better than revenge  #Shenotwhatyouthinksheisanactress"


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