Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


28. Ellen show again

Bellas P.O.V

I was about to go on the Ellen show again. I told Scooter that I want to go on there as much as possible becasue I love her! She has the best show ever. I was wearing a pink dress that fit to my body. I had my hair curled and pulled to the side. I heard Ellen introduce me so I walked out on stage.  I walked out but this time was different then the first time everyone stood up and started cheering. A lot of the were holding up my Album which was the coolest thing ever! It made me feel wonderful like I was somebody. As I got close to Ellen she gave me a hug then we sat down.

Ellen: Last time I saw you, you were just getting started. Now your first single is out, you have an Album.

Me: Yeah I mean it's crazy but it's been funn I said with a huge smile.

Ellen: So Let's talk about the Album. You have an amazing voice by the way.

Me: Haha thanks that means a lot.

Ellen: So did you write a lot of the songs on this or what was the deal with that?

Me: Well I helped. Like I sat down with a couple song writers and they were like what kind of messages would you like to send to people and I told them what kind of songs I wannted and they went by that.

Ellen: Yeah and I listen to it before you came on here and it's like a story.

Me: Yeah I wannted that way. It actully is a story. It's about a girl who like to have fun then she meets a boy and has a crush then they date and their happy then they break up and then its about her missing him then her getting over him. So yeah I though that would be pretty cool and no one else has done that.

Ellen: Yeah that's amazing and this Album is like for teen right though?

Me: Yeah of course that's what I was going for. I think since I'm a teen I might be able to sing about what I'm going through or went through and they will understand more than anyone.

Ellen: That's a good idea. So You know that interviewers and paps arent going to leave this situation alone so How are things will Bieber'?

Me: Haha uh things are good I guess.

Ellen: You guys recently broke up but you guys were caught kissing in his white ferrie?

Me: Huh yeah we did. And I mean we are kind of back togther like the other day he asked me out again but I said Lets just hang out and see what happens and then yesterday that picture was tookin.

Ellen: Ohhh I see. So what was going on with Cody?

Me: Oh nothing he is just a friend.

Ellen: A friend that sings a song to you at an award show?

Me: Hahaa I guess.

Ellen: Okay I want to talk about these pictures.

* She pulled up the pictures Justin and I took the day I stayed with him and other pictures of us walking down the road holding hands and kissing *

Me: OH those I said with a smile

Ellen: Yeah those, so you guys are really cute togther

Me: Haha thanks!

Ellen: So is it hard like knowing he " flirts " with his fans?

Me: Oh no I don't get jeaulous because I know if I did we would work.

Ellen: Yeah that's so understandable.

Me: Yeah.

Ellen: So I understand you have big news to share with us.

Me: Ohh yess in Novemeber I'm going to have my first tour! I said excitedly OH and everyone in the here today gets 2 tickets. The crowd went crazy I went through taking pictures and talking to some of them and signed a couple of things. It was really fun I had a great time. Once I got done I went back stage and Justin was standing there. Hey beautiful how was you interview he said with a smile. It was great I giggled He leaned in for a kiss and our lips meet and then we hear Awhh..... Ellen was standing behind us with a her camera crew. Ellen Justin yelled giving her a hug. Bella! Ellen yelled You need to date this handsome 20 ( in my story he is 20 ) year old boy now! Hahahaa I looked at Justin. Yeah Ellen I totally agree I asked her and she didnt give me a yes or no! Justin said looking at me. Well Ellen if its that important to you I would love to be Justin's girlfriend again I said this then going up to him and kissing his lips.

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