Age is just a number ( Justin Bieber Fan Fiction )

Isabella is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. She has always wannted to be famous and show people what she could do. Nothing could get in her way until she meet her idol Justin Bieber. Isabella always had a speical love for him. The only thing that she doesnt like about him is hes over age.


36. Concert.

Bella's P.O.V.

I woke up and Scooter was gone. There was a note taped to the tv. I got up and read it. It said : Bella I left to go make sure everything was ready for tonight. Justin tour startes today and your opening!:) You have to be at the arena at 4. You can do whatever you want before then. Have fun and think about what song you want to sing. See you later -Scooter.

I put the note down and got into the shower.

I got out of the shower and got dressed. I put on ) My outfit. I did my makeup and curled my hair. I had no cule what I was going to do today. I grabed my phone and bag and walked out the door. I went to Justin's room. I knocked and no one answered. We rented out the entire floor so he doesnt lock the door so I walked in. He was sleeping on the far bed. I walked over to the bed. " Justin " I said shaking him. He didnt wake up " Justin " I said louder. He turned to

look at me. " Hey beautiful " He said trying to grab my hand. I moved it so he didnt grab it. He have me a wired look. " Whats wrong?" I looked down. "Do you not remember what happened last night?" He looked at me " huh no ". I sat on the bed and told him.

He started to cry. " Bella I'm so sorry. I went to the recording stuido and Lil Twist was there and I was streesed from the baby situation and he had the vodka and I told him only a little and I'm so sorry I didnt mean any of that" He was now standing in front of me. I looked at him " Justin everytime your with Twist somthing bad happens and What if the baby comes and you act like that?" He looked at me and closed his eyes " Bella I wont ". I looked down Justin we havent even talked about where we were going to do once the baby comes. I dont want to bring the baby into a party house" I seen his jawline get more visable and His mode changed. " Is my house not good enough for a baby. Why cant you just move in?" I looked at him " I'm not moving in with Twist and Za. And you best believe I'm not bring my baby into a house with them. It's not safe for the baby" He looked at me with a angry face " Your baby? " I gave him the come on look " That's not what I met " He grabbed my hand " What is it going to get to have you move in and the baby?" I smiled " Huh for one, I dont want my baby in a party house, I dont want Twist living there because he brings those strippers home all the time. I dont want Twist or Za having parties while we are gone on tour. I want the baby to have a clean and safe place to live" Justin smiled and wrapped me in a hug for you I can do that. I will talk to Twist and Za later. I will make them move out for the baby. I smiled and kissed him. " Thanks babe your truely the best!" Justin went to get clothes " So what do you want to do today? I started to think " um let's just go for a walk " He gave me a strange look " are you sure?" I smiled " Yes " I sat on the end of the bed " but Justin I cant run from fans or paps anymore we will have to walk I dont want to do anything to hurt the baby" He went into the bathroom to do his hair " whatever you say babe "


We were walking when we saw an Ice-cream stand. We got some. I got cookie dough and he got vallina. We started walking and taking pictures with fans and talking to them. We saw a couple paps but we talked to them and then they left us alone. They were all being so nice. I had a really nice time with Justin It was the bonding time we needed. We talked about the baby and tour and stuff that need to be talked through. We worked everything out and it was nice.

************************************ At the Arena ***********************************************

We got to the Arena and a girl came to get me to get my outfit ready. I had a black dress with a gold belt and gold heels, gold earings, and gold necklace. Justin picked it out. The hair girl came and started to curl my hair while Allison pantied my nails gold of course. Everything was gold. I was opening so I got two songs. I picked the song of liking a boy and another one about have a fun time like a party song. They were the ones that everyone liked the best.


I walked out on stage with my dancers. My songs had tons of cool things like explostions and smoke and glitter flying everywhere. I got to my spot and started to sing. Everyone was cheering I looked out and eveyone was singing alone with me. It was the best moment ever. I sung my songs and I was about to walk off when Justin came out and everyone went insane. " Hey everyone give it up for my Beautiful girlfriend" The crowd cheered anymore. A fan caught mine and Justin's attention. She yelled " If you guys are really having a baby I support you 100 percent" I smile and so did he. " I have to tell you guys somthing. You guys are my Beliebers and I love you guys so much and I trusted you so here it is.......... Bella is pregnant." Fans started crying and screaming. I couldnt handle it. I felt bad for them. All of them were crying and scream horrible things. I ran off stage and Justin contuined his concert. When it was time of the One Less Loney Girl I got to choose which was huge for me because that's how Justin and I met. I was her and it was amazing. I was walking around and I saw a girl Crying jumping and singing her heart out. " Hello I'm Bella and you are?" I'm Emma she said freaking out. I smiled " Well Emma how would you like to be the Loney Girl? she screamed. So I will take that as a Yes I laughed grabbing her hand and leading her to the stage.

We got up there and Allison was standing there. " is this her " she asked I smiled " yes ". Justin started sing and I brought her out and brought her to the middle of the stage to the chair sitting there. I then brought out the roses and halo. I saw her crying and smiling. I felt good to let a girl live her dream.

I sat on a couch watching the tv of Justin. I couldnt stand anylonger. I heard Justin say Goodnight New York I love you so much. Beliebers you are the best. A few mitues later he hoped on the couch. I smiled at him " Great Job Babe " He smile he was all sweaty and tired I found it Sexy. He could barley get it out but he mouthed Kiss me so I did. He looked at me " Im tired they brought the tour bus lets go in it and sleep" . I smiled okay lets go. He wrapped his arm around me and we walked out back. Scooter was outside waiting for us. " Hey here are the keys the driver is inside see you guys tomorrow " He said handing Justin the keys. We walked inside and all of our stuff was in there. Alfredo must have packed all of our stuff up and brought it here. Alfredo and Ryan was sleeping on the couches. Justin and I walked back to the bedroom. I looked at him " Justin even though I will be getting really fat you will still hold me and cuddle me right?" He chuckled " Of course babe "  I smiled. I got into some really short shorts and a sports bra. " Damn if you werent preganant your body would be mine" He said in a sexy voice. I smiled " we can still have sex when I'm prego babe. Its not like you dick with hit the baby." He laughed forever at that image. I layed next to him. He cuddled me so wonderful. We were one.

I layed there for like an hour thinking about things. He was sleeping so I took a picture of him and posted it on instagram with a heart as the caption. I layed my head on his chest and my hand on his abs. I fell asleep to the sound of screaming girls out side of the tour bus.

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