Harry The Bestie

Caroline and Harry are total best friends! But when Caroline starts to get bullied, will Harry risk his popularity to save the one he not only cares for, but whom he loves?


4. Study Date (Kinda)

10 minutes after that i hear a knock on the door.

"I got it!" I yell. I go to open the door only to see none other than Harry. we hug eachother. "Hey, is alright if we go up to my room to study?" I ask politely.  He know about me and my family. Don't get me wrong, i love my mom and dad, but it feels like they dont really love me back though... Harry is the only one I've ever told about this.

"Of course it is Carebear!" He chuckles and we run up.

"Whos that?" I hear my mom call.

"Harry" i say to her. My room is filled with Little Mix posters. 

"Haha still obsessed with them?" Harry mocks. I lightly punch his arm.

"They are amazing singers!" 

"I bet not as good as me!" Harry yells. 

"Oh yeah? Alright then, let me hear you Styles!" I joke.

"Okie!" He says. Harry starts to sing Mirrors by Justin timberlake. I have to admit, i've heard him sing quietly, but now that i finally get to hear him sing to me face to face; it was like the sound of an angel!


"I told you!" He jokes," I was kidding Caroline, haha i know i'm not all that good"

"n-no! Your amazing Haz! Have you ever thought about singing in front of others?" I ask kindly.

"No... not really." He admits.

"Well we should probably start studying." I say.

"Yuppers, might be a good idea!" He chuckles.

••1 hour later•• 

"Alright well it's like 10:00 you should probably go Haz" i say.

"Alright! I love yah CareBear!" He says while hugging me tightly. It wasnt like the usual hug that we give eachother, it felt like i was safe in his arms. Like i could stay in them forever and never let go of him...

"I love you too Haz! Bye!!"

"Bye!" And he walks out the door slowly. 

About 20 minutes after he leaves im in my room and my father walks in my room.

"Your in for a suprise missy!!" He says agitated with me.

"Wh-what did I do?" I ask scared of what he will do. He walks up to me and slaps me across the face and punches me in the gut.

"Think about hat happnens next time you get an F on a test!" And he storms out of the room. I start to lightly cry. Why? He's never hit me? Why would he start now? I think i should probably not tell anyone this, especially harry. I know he's really over protective of me and if i tell him, he'll want me out of here..

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