Harry The Bestie

Caroline and Harry are total best friends! But when Caroline starts to get bullied, will Harry risk his popularity to save the one he not only cares for, but whom he loves?


3. Chapter 3

As me and Harry are walking to class, i notice that he gets closer to me over time. Suddenly i feel a sharp pain in my lower back. "ow!" I yelp in massive pain. I turn around to see Jack. Jack is one of Harrys friends. Honestly, i dont get why they hang out together. 

"Hey man! What was that for?" Harry says sternly.

"Oh come on Styles, i was just joking around!"

"Well it's not funny!" Harry mumbles.

"Well when did you become a bug softie for the loser?" Jack says mockingly.

"First of all, i'm not a softey, second, dont you ever call her that!" 

"Whatever man." And with that being said, Jack walks away.

"Hey.. Um thanks" I chuckle softly. Harry puts his arm around my shoulder. I've always had some type of feelings for Harry, but i'm way to shy to admit it to him;knowing he will reject me.. But whenever stuff like this happens, butterflies swarm around my stomach.

"Anything for you CareBear!!" He says. That was his nickname for me. I quite like it actually. 

"But you really didn't hve to do that for me, i know how close you and Jack are Haz.." I stutter.

"But you and me are closer!" He says while getting just a bit closer to me.

"well thanks," i say," that really means alot to me!" I say and look over at him. I notice he's smiling.

"Of course!!" He says,"Well we better hurry to class or else we'll be late!" And with that being said we rush off.


After school I head off to my house and hug Harry goodbye. When i arrive i see my dad and my mom snogging. They really dont care about me... I'm an only child so i get lonley very easily. I'm just glad they don't hurt me; but they ignore mostly.

I go to my room and look at my phone to see i got a text from harry, we start to text back and fourth.

Haz(:- Heyy CareBear :D

Me- Hey there curly!

Haz(:- Aye! Dont call me that

Me- Oh yeah haaha! Wht ya gunna do bout it CURLY!! :}

Haz(:- Oh just wait till school tomorrow!!

Me- Alrighty i'll be on the lookout for any curly Hazs' trying to attack me lol

Haz(:- You better!! :3 im fiesty!!

Me- Haha well i should probably start to study now.. Test tomorrow!!

Haz(:- y dont i come over and we can study together?

Me- sounds like a plan! 

Haz(;- Alrity see yhu in ten!

Me- byeee

haz(:- bye! :*

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