Harry The Bestie

Caroline and Harry are total best friends! But when Caroline starts to get bullied, will Harry risk his popularity to save the one he not only cares for, but whom he loves?


1. Buds

Carolines POV

"Uggh!!" I say in horror.

"Whats wrong hunnn?" Harry says with his normal cheeky tone. You see, me and Harry have been best friends ever since we were about five years old! Honestly, i really dont know what i would do without this boy!

"i got an F on my social studies test!! My moms gunna kill me!" I wince.

"Ayee, chill." He says calmly.

"how can i chill?!," i say," on the last test that I got a bad grade on, i got grounded for a month!!" As the little words come out of my mouth, Ashley and her 'gang' come up to me and Harry. 

"Heyy harry," she says in a very flirty tone.

"hey ashley.." Harry groans

"Haha so what are you doing hanging around... Her.." Shelooks at me and says.

Harry puts his arm around my shoulder," this would be my best friend!" He says

Harrys POV

god, is that all we'll ever be? Just best friends?! I dont know how long i've had feelings for Caroline, but it's getting stronger and stronger every day that im around mer..

Carolines POV 

"haha.. Yeah.." I say shyly. Im not real outgoing to be honest. I have long dirty blonde hair with kinda pale skin and deep brown eyes. 


END OF CHAPTER ONE!!! Comment if you liked it so far!

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