Into love (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This story is about 4 teenagers that fall in love at the prom with 4 guys those 4 guys names are Niall,Liam,Harry,and Zayn


2. The date





                                 Sarah POV

                   I hear someone knocking on my door i'm running down stairs to open the door and it is Niall 

Hey you look handsome said Sarah

Hey u look beautiful said Niall.

Shall we go on the date said Niall.

We shall said Sarah.

OMG that's my friends over there names are Abby,Alyssa,Vanessa and there with Harry,Liam,and Zayn.

My friends saw me and came over so we can hang out together. after the date we all went home to my house and we all played Charades together than we all fell a sleep.

The next day is Monday and we had to go back to school to decorate for the prom that is in two weeks and me and Niall Abby and Liam and Alyssa and Harry and Vanessa and Zayn all had to decorate.

Now it's two days in'till the prom and we are almost done decorating the gym for the prom.

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