Into love (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This story is about 4 teenagers that fall in love at the prom with 4 guys those 4 guys names are Niall,Liam,Harry,and Zayn


1. Into love





                                  Sarah POV

           We just heard that there was going to be a prom in three weeks said Sarah.But it's girls ask guys so we need to find guys that don't have dates yet said Sarah.Hey said Sarah who are they asked Vanessa?Oh they are the new people said Abby.There hot so hot said Sarah.I know right said Vanessa and Alyssa and Abby.I'm gonna go ask out Niall said Sarah.Well i'm gonna go ask out Harry said Alyssa.Well i'm gonna go ask out Liam said Abby.Well i'm gonna go ask out Zayn said Vanessa.

Niall said Sarah.

Yes said Niall.

Do you want to go to the prom asked Sarah?

Um sure when is it asked Niall?

It's in three weeks said Sarah.

Okay sure i will go to the prom with you said Niall.

Do u want to go out on a date asked Niall.

Sure what time and where and when said Sarah.

Meet me at Nandos at 7:00 tomorrow said Niall.

Okay said Sarah


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