Stomach Tied In Knots (Kellin Quinn)

Kellin Quinn thought he had an ALMOST perfect life.He was married to Katelynn, and had a little girl named Copeland. But Kellin thought there was always something missing until Journey came along. Will she be the one he's missing in his life?


1. Journey Rene Michaels

Hi, I'm Journey. I'm 23 years old and I'm still single. I'm starting to think I'll be single for the rest of my life and live alone with my cats. I have brown hair with purple highlights and bright blue eyes. They're not like your normal average blue but really bright blue. Almost sky blue. You're probably wondering where my name came from. My mom said before she died, my name came from the journey it took for me to be here. She told me that my Dad and her had a hard time conceiving me and she had a hard birth with me. My mom was in the hospital in labour for a full week before she gave birth to me, and I was a month early. It's a miracle I don't have anybirth defects. Being called emo and weird for most of my middle school and high school years caused me to   only have two good friends, Kaylie and Natalie. They're scene like me and we get along great. No arguments like I had with my past friends at all. But there always has been something missing in my life, whether it  was the career choice I've wanted to make since I was 6 which has been designing clothes, or my lover. Yea right, who would love me? A blue eyed, purple and brown haired freak named Journey.

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