~Wedding Bells~

He proposed. There was no other response coming from me than yes... But it cant be the right choice. He's perfect for me, as my parents say and every other human being on earth. The thing is i can't love him Because i am in love with the Irish bad boy who has and forever will have my heart...


2. Unexpected visitor.

I woke up to see my normal room with the walls full of quotes, fairy lights,stuffed animals and old pictures of me and Niall. I sighed. Lately I couldn't get him off my mind. How would he react to me getting married? Does he still remember me? I rid myself of the thoughts and looked at the the dream catcher that hung on the stand by my bed. It was a gift from Niall "Here, it will protect you from all those bad dreams, when im not there to do the job..." I didn't realize i was tearing up until a single tear landed on my palm. I had to stop this he wasn't coming back for me... "Kat Come down someones here to see you!" Mother yelled i haven't spoken to her ever since the engagement party. " I'll be right down!" i yelled back. I quickly scurried into the bathroom brushed my teeth and combed my hair and quickly chose and outfit from my walk-in closet. I quickly selected a beetles t-shirt with shortsand a few of the many bracelets i owned. And applied my signature red lipstick while letting my natural  " Katherine get down here!" Dear lord help me... " Im Coming!" I said dashing out of my room and down the stairs. "Who is-" I stopped dead im my tracks, I couldn't believe who was at the door...

"NIALL!!!!!" I quickly ran and engulfed him in a hug. "Well hi to you too Princess" He said ith a wink while hugging me back. "Oh my God what are you doing here?!?" I asked curious "Oh you know just on tour! with my new band!" Oh My God Niall that great!" I said hugging him again."uhm" I heard someone clear they're throat. We turned to see my mother standing there with a look of annyance clearly on her face. "Well I'll just let you two catch up, I'll be in my room if you need me." She said As we were about to turn out the house my mom quickly grabbed my arm and whispered " Now Katherine remember your engaged." I huffed before turning to Niall "Let's go Ni."


We ended up going into town for some ice-cream. "Which kind do you want?"He asked me "CHOCOLATE!" We both screamed at once. I giggled, man did i mss this boy. "2 chocolate ice-cream cones please." Niall told the man, who was looking a us in a weird way from when we yelled randomly. He gave us the icecream and Niall didn't let me pay. Of course he didn' because of the little stubborn leprachaun that he is.We started walking across the shoreline since the shop was right by there.I Looked at him and smiled. He caught me glancing at him. "Like what you see, darling?" He asked amusement clear in his voice. I rolled my eyes but couldnt help but laugh. "Yes, but you do have a little chocolate on your face." I giggled. "What where?!" I Grabbed a bit from my ice-cream and dabbed it on his nose. "Right there." I winked then ran away from him. "You'll regret that Katherine Valentine!" He joked before sprinting after me. You see the thing is 1. I'm Lazy and 2. I'm a girl so of course hewas going to catch up to me. As soon as he was right behind me I started yelling " Help Rape!" Which caused us a few weird stares. He the tackled me which ended up me layng under him while we both tried to catch our breaths. " You are one strange girl, Kat." he said grinning. "Oh aren't you nice.' I said pretending to be sad by pouting. "But thats what i love most about you..." And with that he started leaning in. As soon as our lips touched i felt at home like nothing had ever changed in these past months. I felt safe. That was until we pulled away.... I had to tell him what had happened since we have last seen each other.


"Niall I-i have to tell you something..."


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