~Wedding Bells~

He proposed. There was no other response coming from me than yes... But it cant be the right choice. He's perfect for me, as my parents say and every other human being on earth. The thing is i can't love him Because i am in love with the Irish bad boy who has and forever will have my heart...


1. The Proposal.


Long light brown Wavy Hair, 5ft 3, Green eyes, immature,  Badass, rebel, fashionista, Model,Heartbreaker,  and Total Hipster

 Yup That's me. Kat Cassidy Valentine. And no I'm not named after the one from Nickelodeon ariana grande plays)Not wife material at all if I do say so myself. 

Unfortunately, people just don't get that. They all think I'm as innocent as I seem. Because there i was in utter shock as my boyfriend ,soon to be husband, was on one knee and asked  for my hand in marriage. God he was such an ass. He knew i didn't like him, yet my parents force me to marry him guess he isn't the only bastard here. He's good for you they said , He'll be a great husband they said , Bullshit i said. of course it would be them ruining my life. But this was too far. As i was about  to open my mouth to object, but quickly skimmed the area we were in all my friends and so called family surrounded us. I stared sternly at my father this was obviously his idea. I played with the hem of my white lace dress. Not daring to look him in the eyes. "So then Katherine will you marry me?" I'm screwed i couldn't say no my parents will murder me. But i still wasn't over him as in the boy who stole my heart and never gave it back. "I-Um..I " I stumbled not quite sure what to say. I sighed deeply i had to do this. " Yes' James i will marry you." I stated and instantly regretted it. The crowd cheered and ran up to congratulate us. But my mind was to wrapped up in what i had just agreed to to notice my friends surrounding me.  It's not like James was bad looking actually he was pretty hot. But his personality it just he- its because he- uh well he's alright but he just Isn't my type!

He's preppy, and a little brat.

but unfortunately his chocolate brown eyes and shaggy hair are irresistible...

yes that is the famous James! See what i mean even i can't deny the fact that he is fine as hell! "OK hold up stop! He is a bastard that agreed to marring you!' my sub-conscious yelled Ok maybe its not so bad. But then again- No Kat you can do this. You hate him, you hate him, you hate him. Gottcha. And even if i did get married i would definitely not get married with this preppy shit... You see I'm a hipster girl who's into fashion and- OK getting off topic here! Where was I? Oh yeah! Ok so as soon as my friends stopped attacking me with hugs, giggles, and tears of happiness i went of to find my "Finance' ugh i hated that word already. As soon as found him wandering our backyard garden with big bushes and shiz like that ,(one thing i forgot to mention... Both are families are stinking rich!), I basically tackled him. 'Hmm a little anxious about getting into bed are we now?" he said with slightly amused by my actions ,See what i have to deal with here!, i rolled my eyes in response " James we need to talk NOW!" "alright alright don't get your panties in a wad." he mumbled This comment was rewarded with a death glare right before he grabbed my hand and led my to a nearby marble bench. " What's the problem sweetie?" He smiled innocently knowing exactly what i was going to ask. ' who put you up to it?" I asked getting straight to the point. ' Both of our parents decided that an arranged marriage would be better than me ending up with a hooker and you with a tramp.' He said simply. ' WELL WHY IN BLOODY HELL DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS??" i yelled. "God are you trying to make me go deaf?!" He yelled back. "A girl can only dream!" I snapped. " ugh whatever they didn't want you to know because they knew you would oppose." " Well of course i would oppose who wouldn't?!" He smirked. " Um for your information many girls would give anything to be in your position." He stated quite matter-of-factly.  "Whatever you say...' I then stood up only to have James' hand smack my bum. " Pig.. " i mumbled. " Love you too Sweetie!" I stormed off into the house on the brim of tears remembering that one special boy who took everything away from me only to result in my parents separating  us and moving to another country. Which just happened to be the united states , luckily i was able to keep my British accent. Even though he was from Ireland we still managed to fall in love, he was the one who stole my heart and refused to give it back he was the boy of my dreams he was my best friend my lover. My Everything...

I'm Katherine Valentine, 19 years old, And getting married to the boy I Don't love. And despise for that matter, but...

I Love Niall Horan.


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