~Wedding Bells~

He proposed. There was no other response coming from me than yes... But it cant be the right choice. He's perfect for me, as my parents say and every other human being on earth. The thing is i can't love him Because i am in love with the Irish bad boy who has and forever will have my heart...


5. Take Me Home.


Kat's P.O.V

As me and Niall started walking in the direction to my house... which wasn't good... at all!

"Uh Niall?" He turned to me. "yea babe?" I breathed in I didn't want to pressure him since he barely got here. Maybe I shouldn't ask. "Uh do you mind if we go back to where your staying, because I feel like my parents are going to murder me an-" He pushed his finger to my lips. " Say no more, your staying with me, and also you can meet the lads!" "Really? Thank you! I promise I'll make it up to you!" He looked up from the ground, it was dark out but you could see him blushing. Aww! "Depends can it be in a sexual favor?" He winked. I leaned in just enough, then began kissing his collar bone and leaving little kisses along his jawline. "We'll see." and stepped back with that I left him standing there mouth agape. But was soon replaced with a smirk. "Two can play at this game you know?" "Let the games begin..." With that I took of running while Niall closely behind. This made me think of my little puppy charlie, he could run pretty fast with me chasing him, I smiled at the thought. Then suddenly stopped. Which made Niall crash into me and resulted in both of us on the floor. "Fuck, Charlie!!!!" I quickly stood up, Niall looked at me with a confused face. "Your dog? What about him?" "He's at home if I leave him they'll hurt him if I don't come home they've done it before and almost killed him!!!" I yelled on the verge of tears. I couldn't leave him last time when I snuck out to go see an Ed sheeran concert with some friends, my parents found out and they took it out on charlie I found him whimpering in a corner blood gushing out of his paw fortunately I got there in time to take him to the vet and get patched up. "We have to go back this time because knowing James he probably already told about what he saw us doing and they are expecting me home or if not they'll know I'm with you!" "Babe it's gunna be alright we'll go back for him and sneak him out through the window, everything is gunna be fine." I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down. "OK but we have to hurry god knows how long we have before they get to them first." I started sprinting in the direction of my house with Niall on my tail. 

When we got there, we quickly snuck away from the guards and over the gates I told you I was rich... Anyway we were just outside my window someone flashed a light on us I quickly shoved Niall into the nearest bush waiting for the guard to approach. "Who's there?" I recognized the voice. "John?" "Kat what are you doing here? Your parents are pissed that your not home!" "I know I know just please don't tell anyone I'm here I just need to get a... a uh- Package yea that's it!" John looked at me as if I was mental but let it pass, we were pretty good friends he always covered for me when I was missing. "Alright, but one question." Oh come on I don't have time for this! "Yes?" "Who's the fella in the bush?" This is where i couldn't help but burst out laughing. "Oh that, um come out Ni he's cool." With that Niall descended from the bush and started dusting himself off. "You know, you could've been more gentle I'm pretty sure i landed on like 20 rocks and twigs and i got a thorn on my finger!" I plucked it out. "Ow!" then kissed it. "Better? Great now stop being such a baby Ni!" He huffed, then I remembered john was still there.  I turned to him and he was trying to stifle a laugh. I rolled my eyes. He picked up on my annoyance and let us go. "OK guys have a good night and remember use protection!" Niall burst out laughing and I smacked his arm but couldn't help but laugh, then I remembered why I was here. "Fuck OK I'm gunna climb up the terrace and get Charlie then I'll hand him to you,OK?" He nodded I started climbing and when I got to the top I was already out of breath, man I need to get in shape. I thought. I quickly opened the balcony doors and looked around for charlie. I saw him sleeping on the floor perfectly fine and comfy, just how I left him.

I let out a sigh out relief. Thank god, I thought. I quickly woke him up. " come on boy, we're gunna go somewhere safe." I told him I quickly got all his belongings in a bag and got a couple outfits for me, since we would be at Niall's. Then after I had everything packed I was about to go tell Niall when I heard footsteps... Fuck!! I quickly whispered yelled to Niall "Hurry up Ni someone's coming!!" I threw down Mine and charlie's things and put charlie in my hoodie, I quickly started climbing down the terracethen I heard my door open. "Stay down and go in the bush." I whispered to Niall. We started to head to the bush when we heard "KATHERINE CASSIDY!" "RUN!!!" Was the first thing that came out of my mouth, then started sprinting towards the gates Niall right behind me. "Close the gates!" was the last thing I heard before me and Niall barely made it to the outside world. "WOHOOO, We Made It!!!" We were cheering trying to catch our breaths as soon as we were out of reach. I quickly grabbed Niall and kissed him through all the excitement. I smirked once I pulled away                              

"Now,Take Me Home."

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