~Wedding Bells~

He proposed. There was no other response coming from me than yes... But it cant be the right choice. He's perfect for me, as my parents say and every other human being on earth. The thing is i can't love him Because i am in love with the Irish bad boy who has and forever will have my heart...


3. Forget Everything.

"Niall I-I have to tell you something..." I struttered

"Hmm." Was all he said -well hummed- before yet another passionate kiss was exchanged. Then another, andanother until i was biting back a moan. I wanted him, I really did but i felt like I would lose him if I told him. Then he started leaving sweet kisses along my jawline sucking and nibbling on my neck until he found my sweet spot. That's it- " Uhm" We both immeditately detattched ourselves from each other only to face upon my worst nightmare...


"Um excuse me, but what in bloody hell do you think your doing Kat?!" I looked down I couldn't face him and didn't even dare to look up at Niall. "Who the hell are you to tell her what to do?!" Niall snapped back.

A grin spread on james' face. "Oh! I see she hasn't had the courage to tell you yet. Allow me to do the honors." My head snapped up at his words. " No. I'll tell him." He smirked " I'll wait for you in the car love" He winked. "I'm Walking so, Fuck. Off." I snapped. He held his hands up in surrender. " Suit yourself. I'll see you tomorrow at the dinner party, love" And gave me a kiss on the check, then walked away with an award-winning smile on his face. I turned to Niall who had remained silent this whole time, which in all honestly scared me a bit."Niall-" I started. "Save it." He spat and turned to walk in the other direction. " Niall, Wait I can explain!!" I said sprinting towards him. "Then explain! I want to hear your story, of why that prick stopped us from well you know-" He hesitated. "He's um my um-" I stuttered I couldn't bring myself to tell him. He sighed. "No matter what he is or who he thinks he is, I'm here for you remember that." "Alright I'll tell you but uh- first you have to Pinky promise you wont abandon me or go off running." He nodded "I promise" He said as he extended his pinky out towards me as i wrapped my little pinky over his. "Ok..." I breathed "He's... my Fiancé..." I whispered barely audible.



Niall's p.o.v

"He's.. my Fiancé..." Her sweet voice barely above a whisper. What? Why didn't she tell me?! No It wasn't her fault she would never agree to that! Or would she? Ugh this is all fucked up... "Ni-Niall." I heard her say, Then I realized that I hadn't responded to her. "Yes?" Ugrh You dumbass she's gunna think I don't care about her! I mentally slapped myself. "Ar- are you mad at me?" She mumbled she looked as though she was about to burst out in tears.  My face softened"No, Love not at all."  I quickly gathered her up in my arms. She immeditately started quietly sobbing into my shirt soon enough I could feel my T-shirt starting to get wet from her tears, my heart broke just seeing her like this. "Kat it's ok, just tell me how you got into this mess."


Kat's P.O.V

As quickly as possible I started poring my heart out to him and sobbing a little bit more when the part of the arranged marriage came up... I had to stay strong I didn't like him seeing me all vulnerable. I sniffed, ' ugh come on Kat man up' my concious whispered.I had to pull myself together, put a smile on my face I can do it! I tried with all my force to put on a smile, I can't i just can't... the best i could do was one of the weakest smiles I've ever done. I suck at this. "Come on babe, I'll take you home." He took my hand in his as we made our way to the hell just waiting to break loose.... because knowing james he alreday told...

My Parents.

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